Rumored LG T-Mobile G-Slate Specs are Touting 3D All Over The Place

There might be more to the LG G-Slate than we thought. GPS&Co is reporting that the upcoming tablet will come with a 8.9 inch 3D display (without glasses) and 3D recording capability. Of course, we must take this rumor with a grain of salt, but we can always hope and dream of these features coming to the G-Slate.

Is this is a believable rumor? It is hard to tell. There are murmurs of 3D technology coming to mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) in the near future. No one has stepped up and confirmed anything, though. While it is indeed possible, there are certainly no guarantees that 3D technology is coming to the LG G-Slate.

More on this as we get it in.

  • Todd

    I hope not. 3D on TVs is bad enough. I don’t want 3d on my tablet.

    • TareX


      Also, LG’s demoed Glasses-free 3D mobile screen didn’t have a sweetspot like the 3DS. This will be incredible. Check it out:

  • TareX

    Ok, that makes it a MUST HAVE -in my book.

  • I don’t think it is ‘actual’ 3D, like3D-TV and such, with or without glasses.

    I think the ‘3D’ refers to a flat interface that is implemented on 3d-rendering software, such as OpenGL, much like the Android’s ‘Gallery’ app. I think that instead of just this ‘Gallery’ app being ‘3D’, most other apps will now have this type of UI as well.

    • dmac

      Thanks for sharing what you think….especially because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about and you are speculating worse than this article is.

  • Android Sensei

    Come on guys! Is that all you have? I expected more. Here are the real specs of the LG G-Slate: