Samsung Denies Charging Carriers for Updates

In response to recent rumors, Samsung has denied that they are charging carriers for Android updates:

“”No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!”

Doesn’t do much to clear up what is holding up the updates, but there you have it: the saga continues.

Source: Phone Scoop

  • CineStein

    Rather, the saga remains at a complete stand-still.

  • Pax

    NEVER EVER trust Samsung

    • android-person

      words to live by

  • jxk

    Gotta wonder why, if Sammy is charging for updates and no carrier is biting, there are still complete updates leaked online from Samsung repos every couple days. Seems like they wouldn’t bother with the effort if there’s no guarantee of getting paid for their work.

    I would expect Froyo to be released for SGS soon and the new Vibrant having GB– more or less being a Nexus S.

    Really, the update needs to be pretty idiot-proof, as the vast majority of Vibrant purchasers don’t care what version of Android they have as long as it does what it’s supposed to do (every advertised feature works fine on 2.1 save for a small minority having issues). Anyone who really cares about being up-to-date should have already rooted and installed a custom rom, as reverting to stock for a later OTA isn’t exactly rocket surgery.

  • oldtaku

    The nice thing about a focused denial is that they leave so much room for evasion.

    Sorry, Samsung, I was dead patient up to Christmas, not a bad word, didn’t jailbreak.

    But now there’s only one thing that’s going to make this right. It’s past you making feeble excuses. Deliver the upgrades.

  • Never go for Samsung. I faced a lot of problems.

  • Cotillion

    Glad a lot of people are regretting the purchase of their (cheap plasticy) Samsung phones with all this hub bub about the new whatever phone. That means more HTC customers right guys?

  • EH

    Yeah……and pigs can fly!

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’m just throwing this out there, but is it possible that getting these updates complete and working 100% and updating smoothly is just freaking hard? I know these folks at XDA and such get working ROMs out pretty quick, but if something goes wrong with them, it’s “Hey, you hacked you phone, you took your chances.” If something’s not right with the official update for everyone under all circumstances, then it’s, “You ruined my phone, I want my money back!”
    I’m not saying Samsung is doing an awesome job, they’re not, I’m just saying keep a bit of perspective regarding the challenge these major upgrades present.

    • Larry

      Great point.

  • Of course they won’t charge you for the update…if you don’t want it that is.

  • anon

    They have earned their reputation.

  • flosbrot

    Android phones should come with a clear statement!

    For example: Android with YY/MM support

    YY= Year until the phone will be upgraded to the newest version
    MM= Months that this upgrade will take

    Android 11/02 means until 2011 the phone will get any tecnical possible upgrade within 2 months after the new version was published.

    this until google market does all the update…