T-Mobile Introduces Pair of Apps to Put Worried Minds at Ease

T-Mobile has announced the availability of two new applications today, both designed to help put minds at ease.  The first, DriveSmart Plus, helps to prevent texting while driving by changing the behavior of some of the phone’s core apps.  For instance, incoming calls get routed to voice mail while text messages automatically receive customized preset responses. A Basic version of the app comes pre-installed on select T-mobile phones running Android whereas a Plus version is available for download on the Optimus T.  

The second application announced today, FamilyWhere, can locate almost any phone using the T-Mobile network, providing real-time information as to where the users are.  Parents can keep an eye on where their children are using real-time tools available through T-Mobile‘s web portal.  Alerts can be configured or scheduled to allow for updates as they happen.Other details include a Family Feed which tracks the actions of the group, location-based notifications, histories, and more.

Both applications and services are created by Location Labs and are available immediately for their respective devices.  Read more about DriveSmart or FamilyWhere by checking out their press releases.

  • Billll

    Does this mean anyone can enter someone’s phone # and start stalking them even if you have GPS turned off?

    • Gymrat

      I think that the numbers have to be on the same family plan. On the link it said something about having to enter your tmobile account password to access the notifications. So I would assume that it only works with phone numbers that are on that account.

  • Jake

    If this app uses GPS to determine that you’re driving, then the user could just turn off the GPS radio to bypass it. Additionally, how would this app know whether I was the driver or a passenger in a moving vehicle?

  • Gary

    I want both of these apps, but I can’t find them.
    Automatic Text Response should be built into Android. I’d love that feature.

  • Denzel

    But they don’t tell you that the service is $9.99 a month after the first 30 days. Sounds like they are doing a great thing until you find out that it’s just another service that you have to pay for.