BREAKING: The Vibrant to see Froyo Tomorrow, January 21st

The wait is nearly over.  According to T-Mobile‘s marketing officer,  Cole Brodman, the Samsung Galaxy S series Vibrant will start seeing Android 2.2 effective tomorrow.  Expected to roll out over the next few weeks, the update will hit users in waves.  This is more than welcome news to a lot of you readers, as it’s been a hot topic these last few days.  Sit tight!  It’s coming!

  • David

    Oh no…this is awful! Just think of all the time that must now be spent finding another easily-resolved issue to whine about!

    • Easily resolved?

      • zaiger

        Yes it’s called rooting your phone and installing Froyo. It takes all of about 10 minutes from start to finish and most of that is load time.

        • Where can I find step by step howto for this???

          • David

            Um…Google Search?

    • Different David

      You will need to register your device or the updates will not happen…This is just more DUMB %%$##%..If “…You will need to register…” at Samsung site then why not have it as a down loadable file there?

      More, “we do not care about customers we only care about what Samsung wants” Sure wish FCC, someone would take them to tasks. If you want to enjoy the fruits of U.S. market and airway then you have to act in an fair and just manner. Yes, Samsung sells phones, however, they are to be used on U.S. bandwidth therefore their business practices fall within FCC oversight.

  • Ok, seriously, I totally believe that all the stink that was made over the last few days has something to do with this. Props to the community.

  • mark

    No more “SAMSUNG SUCKS MONKEY BALLS” comments? 🙁

    Seriously, I’m happy it worked out. Hopefully, it is actually ready and they’re not rushing it just to quiet down the noise….

  • Frigadroid

    Thanks Cole for having enough integrity to admit that tmobile along with scamscum dropped the ball on this. I hope you keep your word and we see some ginger come sooner.

  • Androidawg

    Seems proof to me that they have been sitting on it. Now it is suddenly ready? Suck.

  • Rick

    How convenient…. just a few days after the outrage caused by a so-called rumor… and its ready. Wow.

  • david

    Samsung sent its base 2.2 upgrade to T-Mobile in late November after stating “SOON” back in JULY (4 months is not soon folks, 4 days is SOON) and now T-mobile after being forced to speak-up that they have had it for over 7 weeks. Guess CUSTOMER angry postings got their attention to lie some more, wifi calling has been out for a very LONG time at XDA (keeping with their model not to say the specific amount of time). FIRE THIS GUY and maybe Management will wake-up, if it does not hurt, put fear in the folks deciding, they will not do anything until it effects them. If we keep protesting MAYBE heads will roll and they will stop treating customers so poorly.

    Definition of “soon” (adverb) = not long after the present time; quickly. BTW, adverbs often tell when, where, why, or under what conditions something happens or happened.

    • Joe

      Can you please just shut you idiot mouth? You can’t even write sentences correctly let alone argue for your point. 7 weeks after having it t-mobile pushes the update, AND denied all the claims about not only themselves but also samsung… Is what you haven’t read yet. We all knew those ” leaks” were bogus. Also if anyone is as much of an xda addict as me you would know it took the devs a long time to get wifi calling to even function at all, and it STILL isn’t stable enough to be put on a rom. I have no doubt that it took 7 weeks to fix that issue at all.

      Oh and one more thing to everyone who thinks t-mobile makes money off of phones; you are retarded. The Only companies that make money from phone sales are the manufacturers. Carriers Only make money from your monthly bill. Only nieve, trolling, 11 year olds would ignore such a fact. For every phone the carriers discount they lose money in hopes to make it back, plus their money, later.

      • Frigadroid

        Wrong why would they sell unlocked phones at a loss and early upgrades you need to rethink your theory. Do something about that rage its not good for your health to be so angry.

      • zaiger

        You sound like an asshole and your points are stupid.

  • Zulu

    So I guess it’d be wishful thinking that the Captivate might get froyo soon too?

  • Steve

    Definitely wishful thinking for the Captivate, Samsung has already forgot that they made it with the Infuse on the horizon…

  • Scmo

    I agree with joe, I’m not as harsh but people are selfish and feel they know everything. If I had to wait a little while to get froyo on my vibrant but could get wifi calling heck yeah I can wait. If you need updates so bad like many have said root it or start buying stock android phones. Froyo does make a big difference tho I would have rooted the hell out of one if I had a vibrant. I know this dude that rooted his and not only does it kick butt with launcher pro customization but his battery lasts a day and a half with normal use. Something to give u guys to think about.

  • Eric Kissinger

    How about the fascinate?