Galaxy S 2 Specs Rumored to Include Dual-Core Orion, 1GB RAM

Mobile World Congress takes place in Spain next month where many handset makers will bring out their big guns.  One such company, Samsung,  is expected to unveil their follow-up to last year’s Galaxy S.  While they are already starting to tease us with something big, the exact specs have yet to unfold.  What will be the “evolution” that they promise?  A phone blog named CareAce (translated), thinks they have uncovered the answer.

How does these specs sound to you?

  • Dual Core Orion Processor
  • Android 2.3 “Gingerbread”
  • 4.3″ Screen with 800×480 resolution
  • Under 9mm in thickness
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8-megapixel
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • NFC chip

Assuming these specs prove to be correct, Samsung appears to be evolving nearly every aspect of their flagship Android phone series.  Tentatively, we’re looking at a bigger, faster phone, running the latest in Android.  None of these sound so outlandish as to not believe them, however nothing has been confirmed yet.  We’re but a few weeks away from finding out!

  • Elvis

    IF these are the actual specs I wonder if people will look past samsung’s supposed scheming and still get the phone 😮

  • Matt

    Galaxy S 2, or Nexus S 2? Interesting specs if true.

  • 513

    Need a bigger resolution, like the Atrix.

  • TheFief

    What I wanna know is if it’s gonna be on all carriers again. I love my EVO but I want something new and Sprints line up isn’t that good. The Epic 4G is nice but not a fan of the keyboard, and I want a screen the same size as my EVO.

  • Will ship with 2.3, likely won’t be getting 2.4

    • B

      But what exactly is 2.4? I thought it was something like a fix for 2.3. Is that not correct?

  • Andrés

    Oh, please let it have a Super AMOLED Plus screen with RGB instead of PenTile…

    • DP

      Did you catch the news of the mobile display company(Liuqvista) Samsung just acquired? I have nothing but high hopes for Sammy. I’d prefer 4″ over 4.3″ though. and please, please do Not put a skin on it!

  • david

    Samsung sent its base 2.2 upgrade to T-Mobile in late November after stating “SOON” back in JULY (4 months is not soon folks, 4 days is SOON) and now T-mobile after being forced to speak-up that they have had it for over 7 weeks. Guess CUSTOMER angry postings got their attention to lie some more, wifi calling has been out for a very LONG time at XDA (keeping with their model not to say the specific amount of time). FIRE THIS GUY and maybe Management will wake-up, if it does not hurt, put fear in the folks deciding, they will not do anything until it effects them. If we keep protesting MAYBE heads will roll and they will stop treating customers so poorly.

    Definition of “soon” (adverb) = not long after the present time; quickly. BTW, adverbs often tell when, where, why, or under what conditions something happens or happened.

  • Dinu

    they need to fix the battery first, to make the battery last and not drain so fast, instead of jumping to other upgrades …

  • tiger4j

    I’ve been looking forward to this phone and its Mali 400 equipped Orion processor for months. I personally can look past the upgrade shenanigans as long as they are on the latest firmware. That said, the lack of increased screen resolution is of some concern to me. If they indeed increase the screen resolution, I will probably get one. If it remains the same I am certain to look at other phones. Samsung have too much screen technology to not push past the industry’s standard as it regards screen resolution. A brilliant gpu needs a brilliant screen, SAMOLED Plus aside.

  • Diego!

    I think it will launch with a dual core chip but not Orion, it will be a Tegra 2.

    They ordered millions of chipsets to Tegra before year’s end and Orion will be ready for the summertime, it’ll be too soon if they release it now.

  • 4G or Not To 4G

    Wish it was the Nexus S2, as it meets all the specs that I would like in a phone…will have to see how Samsung behaves

  • Simon

    If samsung taught me anything it’s that Hardware specs mean nothing when skinned with crappy software!
    When i first read the specs on Galaxy S, I was certain it was going to be my next android. I would have still bought it if cyanogen was able to release a ROM for it…

    Maybe with the Nexus S being a samsung, it’ll be easier to port a vanilla android on this Galaxy S2

  • rudeboi

    If what has leaked is true i personally think it will be an amazing phone. One thing i think it needs though is a flash on the camera