Number Porting Expected to hit Google Voice for $20

Late last night it was found that an option appeared on Google’s Voice site which allowed users to port their existing phone numbers. Although the site has since changed and removed the feature, it’s a clear sign that the capability is coming in short order. The ability to keep your phone number for Google Voice looks to run $20 once it goes live again.

Long desired, porting has been listed on the suggested features page for quite some time.  Other potential new options that could arrive at some point include enabling voice recognition to answer a call, receiving faxes, and setting your own ringback tone for contacts to hear.  If you have a Voice account, you can make suggestions here.

Keep in mind that if you port your phone number over to Google Voice while under contract, you’ll still be subject to early termination fees.

  • Francisco

    Hey, sorry for the not so smart question, but what exactly is this google voice porting facility?

    I can transfer my mobile current number to google and then what? It will answer my calls? Redirect them? Will I stop using my mobile and use google voice app, saving on mobile minutes and putting my unlimited 3g to good use?

    What else does it do?

    Thank you

    • Snaga

      I can tell you what I am going to use it for. I’ve had the same land line number for many years, and changing it in the 1/2 million places it is registered would be a pain. I don’t have much of a problem with unsolicited calls, so I want very much to keep it, but I want very much to use use Google Voice to get rid of my land line or the need for voip service. I’ll be able to keep that number no matter where I might move in the future. The reason you might port your cell number to it would be so that you can switch carriers and not have to port your number.

      Could be that its not useful to you, but it will be to many, many others.

  • Justin

    I dont get it. If you port your number and incur a ETF then whos cell phone service are you going to use?? Do you think they may partner with Tmobile for their own service? it does not make any sence unless that google voice number is a home phone or something. You would still need a number and cell service provider to be connected to the phone you are using. right???

  • meanmcclean

    RIP… it used to be $10. LOL actually this is pretty cool news, not bad like @Snaga said. He has had his landline for a very long time and instead of loosing that number, he can port to Gvoice, cut the cord and still be connected. As far as porting a cell number to it, it could be done if you wish to use Gvoice as your primary point method of receiving calls. You could/would just receive a new number from your carrier and resume your mobile service worse case without an ETF. Just a thought.

  • Cool feature!

  • Kenji O

    This is actually incredibly useful. Very cool stuff.

  • obhs

    I’d love to port my # number and cancel my service especially now when I’m studying overseas for a long time … but it’s only doable IF YOUR PHONE IS IN USA.. as one of the steps is a phone verification where Google dials your # and asks for a code they display on the page..

  • comrade

    I wish they had it last November!
    it only works if you’re still in US, as one of the steps in the porting process is confirming your # by receiving a call from Google and having to provide confirmation code (they display on the page for that step).
    Unfortunately when you go outside of US to travel, TMO will only suspend your service for up to 3month for $10/mo … so I had to switch my plan to the cheapest since I still have to pay the base rate /mo for the additional 3month I’m not in US.