Android Market Tweaked for Google TV Integration

Android developers logging into the market publishing console will find another new option waiting for them.  It appears Google has started adjusting the back-end in preparation for releasing the Android Market onto Google TV.  A new filter was recently spied (@alsutton), giving devs the ability to target (or not) devices with a touch screen.  We’ve been waiting since last year’s Google I/O for the Market to arrive, ushering in a new usability for the service. This looks to be the first sign of the forthcoming feature.

Are you planning on picking up a Google TV device once the Android Market arrives?

  • Douglas Ford

    I have had the Logitech offering of Google TV and I love it. I have been waiting for this upcoming feature since day one! 😀

  • Guticb

    I’ve had the Logitech Revue for about 3 weeks, and it’s incredible!

  • I’m pretty set with my windows media center pc, but I think that once apps are available, I’ll have to check google tv out. Perhaps by then we’ve got some ARM based options 🙂

  • Tim

    I got my Logitech Revue (Google TV) from Dish Network approximately 2 months ago. It is absolutely incredible. We love it. The press makes a big deal about what Google TV doesn’t have (network content) but what they don’t talk enough about is what Google TV DOES have. It has GREAT search and great apps. Amazon Video on Demand and Netflix is great. The apps are good too and I’m sure they are just a precursor to what’s coming. They have Pandora, Radiotime and Napster and several others. I’d like a native Amazon Video on Demand application and Rhapsody. This thing searches my DVR viewing schedule by program title or actor name, etc. It also searches the web, Amazon VOD, Netflix, etc. It can automatically schedule programs and automatically download and queue podcasts and look at YouTube videos full HD screen size and browse the web.

    To think, this is only the beginning of Internet TV. This thing is very good.