Froyo for Epic 4G “Still in the Works”

On the heels of T-Mobile’s announcement that Vibrant owners will start seeing Froyo this week, Sprint has issued a statement on the status of a Froyo update for its Galaxy S variant, the Epic 4G. Unfortunately, the new statement does not include much in the way of detailed information.

“Epic 4G users: We want to assure you that Froyo for the Epic 4G is still in the works. … It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria. We can’t provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible.”

So there you have it, Epic 4G users: they’re working on it. Do you appreciate a statement like this as a measure of reassurance and transparency? Or is it more frustrating to get a statement that lacks any specifics? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • I’m happy with it… or I would be, if this were last September…

    • Kinda figured by now, I’d be hearing vague remarks about the release of Gingerbread.

  • Mallikii

    While I want the update to be tested before it was released… Froyo will be outdated so why don’t they work on the next one. Flash was promised to me by my local sprint store to work on my Epic before the new years and I guess they were taking out of there you know what.

  • Manaup

    Sorry sprint. it sounds more like a cover. Bring it. And then I’ll believe it.

  • jdawg

    Been running the dk28 2.2 leak simce the day it was accidently released. GPS pretty much nonfunctional, but rest works well. Few bugs here and there. Love the ability to customize the 4 stationary virtual button…I changed to just 3: TuneIn App, Messaging, and Applications.

    I hav pretty much given up on samsung and sprint, and will likely just root to 2.3 if someone makes it available soon.

    • It is possible to get the GPS working with the leaked Froyo. I have all the steps at my blog,

      It took me a while to figure all this out. My epic4g runs great on the TrulyEpic v1.2 ROM! Now I don’t need to worry about when Sprint will get the update out.

      • Bazinga

        You bought an android phone and need to wait on manufacturer updates?
        Go buy an iphone you morons!
        Froyo runs great with no issues at all on my Epic.

      • Dan

        No Jared. That still leaves the GPS sticking. And now you cannot have the Epic throw out the bad cache data automatically as you could with setting cold start on Android 2.1.
        The GPS on Epic has problems that are not solved at all

    • Gerry

      Just reset the phone entering in your MSL reset code and GPS will work instantly.

  • Empire365

    Man Sprint has bobbed and weaved so much with the 2.2 epic update I swear it feels like a boxing match with midgets

  • Tuan

    Samsung Galaxy S Froyo announcement:

  • Tim V

    I’m enraged still. I expected Froyo months ago. This sounds like a pathetic excuse to calm me down. I don’t blame sprint though. I blame samsung. I was warned not to go with samsung, but I didn’t listen. this will be my last samsung phone.

  • bigandtall

    I intended to use this phone for work since I got it last August. Without Froyo I can’t save Apps to the microSD card so my memory always gets full as apps such as Facebook increase their cache size. Then all texts are rejected until you delete Apps you don’t want to delete. And without Adobe Flash, business transactions are a nightmare. This has been a complete disaster and I want a refund for the phone and out of this Sprint contract. The offer needs to be made as the failure to provide is technically a broken contract on the provider’s part. This update statement is meaningless as the damage is already done.

    • bigandtall2

      Ditto! What bigandtall said! Plus, the keyboard is so darn loose after just six months that I really believe it won’t make it to the end of a two year agreement. I am kicking myself for not waiting for the HTC Evo 4G to come out. Without Froyo, the Epic is like a prize fighter in the ring with one arm tied behind his back. Every time you turn around, you have to dump some more, paid for, apps to make basic functions work. We know from other sources that Samsung is putting a lot of effort into its new Galaxy S 2 phone scheduled out soon. Don’t be fooled Samsung! We will not be dumping one poorly maintained Galaxy for another! It will look like rats jumping from a sinking ship if Samsung does not pay better attention to existing customers.

  • Jeremy T

    Being a total novice to android I was surprised how easy it was to install a leaked version of Froyo on my Epic. Sprint might claim it’s just beta but I find it completely stable. My wife’s Samsung Intercept received the OTA Froyo update weeks ago. Comparing an Intercept to an Epic I shouldn’t feel like the Epic is the legacy handset. Knock –on-wood my GPS has been great on 2.1 and 2.2.

  • DJM

    I like the epic 4G, but i will go back to HTC as soon as reasonable…

  • sanman

    Strip out the crapware and touchwhizz. Maybe then you can release OS revisions on a timely basis. If not, you’re compelling us to either root/mod or bail. End of story.

  • hearditbefore

    I have heard this every month for the last five months, seeing is believing…

  • TheBsho

    im an epic 4g owner. I’ve never rooted it. I’m currently running 2.1 waiting for the froyo update. The thing is I was reading other responses saying the gps doesn’t work. Mine works fine with any app I use to navigate. another thing is my 4g signal goes on for about 20 seconds then goes back to 3g all day. Is this another issue to be resolved with the froyo update?

  • stiggs

    Yep did 30 days with the epic then… Switched to evo!

  • Jeepguy

    TheBsho…. As far as your “4g” signal only staying on for about 20 seconds and then shutting off. It’s probably because you’re not in a “4G” area. Also if you are not using an app that uses Data Packaging or your web browser your 4g will shut off to “save” battery life.

    I rooted my Epic and I’m running the FROYO on it. Runs great and it was easy to do. With that being said, I’m appalled by Sprints and Samsungs lack of urgency to this matter. You would think someone over there would realize that these kind of things will make or break you. Would you buy a new house that doesn’t even have a cable/sat hookup in it? If you did would you be happy if they told you will take care of it soon. Then a year goes by and still no cable/sat hookup are in your house. Would you recommend those builders to your family and friends??????? I think not. That contractor wouldn’t last very long.

    Although I love this phone it will most likely be the last one I get from Samsung. Broken promise after broken promise…………

  • RapFTB

    I’m not happy that now in “Jan.,2011”, they are saying basically the same thing they’ve said for months!

  • RapFTB

    Froyo on “Sam. Intercept” but not on “Epic 4g”? What lameness!!

  • Tiapia

    I don’t understand what’s taking so long for Sprint and Samsung to release this update. By the time they release it it’ll be outdated and then we’ll be one of the last ones to get that new update (Gingerbread or whatever). The statement by Sprint is just some mambo jumbo to appease its customers. Whatever the hold up is, they better get with it fast before they lose customers.

  • Rich

    Obviously they are working on it…and obviously there are problems. Several versions have been leaked on the web, if you want to root your phone and install it yourself…every leaked version has reports of problems. Maybe we should be thankful that Sprint isn’t jumping the gun just to shut everyone up, and giving us a release that does not work. I honestly do not think Sprint is the problem…Samsung is. This is the first, and probably the last Samphone I will buy. They are not dedicated to supporting their cell lines like some other manufacturers are, it just does not seem to be a corporate priority for them.

  • Froyoyo

    Installed the leaked version over a month ago because of all this BS from samsung. First time I did it without a gps lock, so I did it again this time getting a lock first and bam perfect froyo. The ROM is perfectly stable, but I’m guessing the install is the problem here and sprint/samsung are afraid of the shitstorm awaiting them when they push the update and 1/2 of the phones mess up due to something minor. My advice: root it and flash yourself. If you mess it up, do it again. Not hard at all and the wifi tether with 4g was worth it.

    • Angie

      How do you root it ?

  • Jack

    Probably my last time buying a samsung phone.

    I live in Los Angeles east of downtown. And I can assure you Sprint does not care about anything east of Los Angeles. If you are thinking of switching to Sprint, Don’t do it.
    They are a POS carrier who don’t care about their customers. They intend to build their network on the backs of new customer revenue. I pay for 4g coverage, but i dont get any coverage.

    Shame on Sprint.

    Shame on Samsung.

  • Jack

    When I purchased The Epic 4g and switched to Sprint. The Epic 4g was Sprint’s premiere phone that came saddled with a premium data plan.

    This is an example of how Sprint and Samsung treats its “high-end” customers. No support. Empty promises.

    telling us something is coming ASAP is a big F-U to the customers.

  • AJ

    Just can’t believe Sprint would allow Samsung to trash it’s customers this way – especially after they’ve spent so much money trying to retain or win them back. I recently bought a new TV before Christmas and purposely avoided looking at the Samsung product because of their back of customer service on this upgrade issue. Samsung needs to remember every unsatisfied customer tells at least 9 friends where they’re unhappy. I’ve told at least twice that – so far – and will continue to boycott ALL Samsung products ’til they make good on their promise to upgrade my Epic 4G to Froyo.

  • Robert

    Recently I ourchased my Epic phone, reading all comments I don’t plan on waiting for a solution from either Sprint or Samsung, I will return the phone and get one that works.

  • Bill Oawney

    Well, here we are in February and still no new news or update. These companies are going to learn that ignoring their customers will cause them to go away…. And I’ve already prevented a few Samsung sales personally, I’m an IT manager and get frequent requests for recommendations on device purchases. I don’t even bother going over any specs, I stop at the SAMSUNG label.
    My parents bought an HDTV from some subsidiary of VISIO and we could not get the Cablevision remote to work with the standard codes. I went to their website and they had an update for the tuner ready for those who needed it. Now if a fly by night operation like theirs can address an issue like that, why can’t a huge company like SAMSUNG?
    And even if they didn’t provide the fix, the retailer who sold us the device would have surely helped us replace it or help us get the issue resolved one way or another…. Sprint….

  • hearditbefore

    Update,…. It is now february 8, 2011 and still no froyo for us epic users……..this is getting laughable.

  • dontbeleive

    Sprint says they have no power to compel Samsung to let them push the update and that’s where the problem lies. Some opine that it’s problems with Touchwiz, on which Samsung has a lot of ego involved, some say it’s their Media Player, which Samsung had a tough time making work with 2.1.

    In any case, when you complain to Sprint about how we aren’t getting what was promised and we should be allowed to trade them in, they suddenly get all Corporate and say, “You will not find anything anywhere where we advertised that the Galaxys would run 2.2”.

  • Donny

    Get to work sprint! Every other company with a galaxy s phone already has froyo on their phones! Maybe you should get some gingerbread to those of us who have been waiting for so long, in fact why not update us before your other phones, that by the way aren’t your top of the line. And stop being vauge liars.

  • Epic_Froyo

    Froyo pushed to me last night…