Here’s What You Missed on AGTN Tonight!

If you did not catch AGTN live tonight, you missed another great show!  Here is a recap of what went down!

  • There is an app that you need to download RIGHT NOW (notice the caps).  It is called Abukai, and this little sucker helps you to track all of your expenses.  You simply use your Android device to take a picture of a receipt that you have, then Abukai does the rest!  It translates the info from the receipt and it punches it all in to a spreadsheet expense report for you! Not only that, it send you PDF images of all the receipts you scanned in, all itemized and matched to the line items.  It’s free to try, then $10 a month.  Trust us, once you see it in action you will be in love.
  • Android Ashley came on and talked about her next project now that she has left “This Week In Mobile”.  We are excited to support Ashley in her new projects.  Ashely has been a friend of the show for a long time!
  • Ray continued his “Rayge Against the Machine” about the Vibrant, which led to a heated debate between Ashley, Ray and Aaron talking about the fact that expecting updates for smartphones is a new thing for carriers, and end users should not be expecting them regularly.

It was two hours of non stop Android news, laughs and awesomeness.  You can watch the archive at  Go check it out!

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