Motorola Droid Cameo in Scream 4 Trailer

Let’s start your Friday off with some cool, inconsequential stuff, shall we?  Nothing too important, just a little fun.  I was catching up on some film news this morning when I happened upon the new trailer for Scream 4.  So what? So the Motorola Droid is spotted about 2:00 into the video (embedded below)!  Looks like it belongs to the nerdy, tech guy with all the answers.  You know, totally not your average Android user.  So will we, as an audience, see our beloved Android phone running a real app or will we just see a character doing something with technology that doesn’t really work?

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  • megalosdog

    The short haired girl had an iphone…..

  • obhs

    @megalosdog, duh, that’s who it’s made for: chicks and chicks with dicks 🙂

    • megalosdog