Review: Circle Launcher [VIDEO]

Before you jump to conclusions, this is not a “launcher” like ADW or Launcher Pro. Although the title might hint at being that type of app, this is simply a widget that visually and productively helps your launcher. In a nutshell, this application adds a 1×1 widget that almost replaces your folders in a very unique fashion.

The Good

This application helps reduce the amount of icons on your home screen and allows you to add many more icons without having to change your launchers dimensions. You can add multiple shortcuts and contacts without ever seeing them (until you open the widget). Personally, the fact that this application is free (full version $1.35) makes it for me.

The Bad

Most of the features that look appealing, custom icons, different style sliders, and more are only available in the paid full version. When the widget is open, I cannot help but think to tap the widget icon again to close the widget, but when I click it, I am brought to the settings. If you do not click “back” when exiting this widget, the circle of icons appear with the list of settings behind them.


This application is definitely worth trying out, although if you are not going to purchase the paid version, this app might not blend (the way you want) into your launcher. Also, this application needs to add some more settings to change what the widget button does after the widget is open. Overall, this app is a great idea and has a few kinks and bugs to work out.

  • Mike

    I downloaded this yesterday. It is pretty awesome. You do not have to click ‘Back’ to exit. Touch outside of the widget, it will exit.

    • I know, I just meant you cannot tap the center to close the app.

  • This application helps reduce the amount of icons on your home screen and allows you to add many more icons without having to change your launchers dimensions.

  • Joey Heck

    It allows you to customize the icons in the full version, so it can really look nice. I give it 5 stars!

  • I just added a similar app yesterday, Apps Organizer:

    Free, and very easy to add all of your apps in two levels, through their admin tool.

  • Remon

    I am defiantly going to try it.

  • im loving that red nexus live wallpaper

  • James_Ebby

    I love this app. The update fixed the double tap to close. Now, you have to long press the middle button to go to the settings. Great app.

  • thata cool…looking goodn interesting….