Android State of the Union App Allows Users to Give Feedback in Real Time

Photo Credits: Keyes Labs

I can just hear Kip in the background singing, “I love technology as I write this.  We got word today from Keyes Labs that they have released a really interesting app called State of the Union 2011, which is designed to allow users to give real time feedback on what President Obama says during his State of the Union Address.  A quote from their blog:

…the concept is that of a mobile application working in lock-step with content being viewed by a large number of consumers.  Our Android app will allow users to register their real-time sentiment of what is being said by President Obama, while at the same time seeing the overall feelings of the rest of the community of users.

Additionally, there will be constantly updated “factoids” related to what the president is currently discussing, allowing users to further explore the topics and do their own fact checking.

Sounds like an interesting idea to say the least. The app is available now for download in the Market, you can use the bar code below to go direct to the download page on your device.  Happy interacting!

Install State of the Union 2011
  • Witsendpoetry

    Just wondering if you have actually downloaded this yourself yet – Android Guys:-) I LOVE YOUR BLOG, but do you verify the apps you recommend are safe?

    • Chuck

      I’ve installed it and played with it a bit. David Keyes is a well established developer, the guy behind Screebl, among other projects. This app asks for no permissions that seem unusual, and I have no reason to think it’s not safe.

      In general, with posts on AG like this one, that are passing along news about an app, AG staff often, but not always, has tried the app out. Posts that are labeled “App Review” indicate that AG staff has definitely put the app through its paces, and you can expect more detailed information about the pros and cons.

  • Yeah I can vouch for David Keyes as well.
    Great guy.

  • Chris W

    From the description of the app on the market I got an idea that it would be streaming the actual state of the union. After kind of poking around I dont think it is. You guys have any idea if its actually going to be streaming? I would like to watch it but wont be near a tv or a computer.. if only I didn’t have att and my captivate had flash.. 🙂 thanks for any feedback!