AndroidGuys Weekly RoundUp Jan 17-22

Yep, it’s that time again. Time for the AndroidGuys Weekly RoundUp, where I cover all the news we.. ahem, covered.. last week. So, let’s get to it! First, the devices that made the news last week include:

  • We saw a crazy concept Android phone that is both strange and awesome at the same time
  • The Epic 4G didn’t get Froyo, yet again. Epic owners just got the same company line they’ve been getting since its release: “It’s in the works”
  • On Thursday, Sammy told us that the original Vibrant would be getting Froyo OTA on Friday. Lo and behold, Vibrant users got their precious Froyo the next day.
  • We heard a rumor that the Tmo Dell Streak 7 will run you about $330. Note that I said “rumor”
  • We learned of 3 new HTC devices that’ll be released at MWC in Barcelona next month
  • A promo video for the Galaxy Tab 2 was leaked, along with some INSANE specs
  • We finally got our eyes on the TMobile LG G-Slate, after some specs had leaked
  • HTC confirmed that they’re working on an Android tablet, because we didn’t suspect that already
  • Someone with a friend of a friend that works for Google might have confirmed the existence of an ARM-powered Google TV
  • The Samsung Gem was announced, most likely headed for Big Red
  • The Moto Cliq 2 went on sale for Tmobile on Wednesday
  • We got word that the Nexus One Gingerbread OTA was right around the corner
  • We also heard that Acer plans to release a quad-core 10-inch tablet by mid-year
  • As if the Vibrant Plus Froyo rumors weren’t enough, we got a picture of what looked to be a Vibrant Plus running Gingerbread. This was later disputed, some claiming it was just a regular Vibrant with a ffc mod.
  • T-Mobile and Samsung finally announced the Vibrant 4G
  • We got a better look at the PlayStation Phone in some videos
  • And finally, our own Chuck Falzone reviewed the LG Optimus U for U.S. Cellular

Now, let’s get on with other news. One of the big pieces of news last week (at least for those with rooted Android phones) was the official release of the CyanogenMod CM7 nightlies, which are Gingerbread nightlies. In other news, the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and Captivate got a custom Froyo ROM kitchen, Samsung teased their presentation for MWC, giving us the caption “Evolution is Fate”. Kongregate Arcade launched 300+ free Flash games for Android, but their app was later removed by Google from the Market. Our own Phil Esposito did a video review of Circle Launcher, and the RealPlayer beta app got an update.

Well, that’s just about all we can give you, but be sure to check out AndroidGuys for anything and everything Android!