App Review: Rom Manager [VIDEO]

Thinking about flashing a new ROM? How about a theme? Chances are you googled it and were just too overwhelmed with all the steps. Thats where Rom Manager comes in, you can easily flash roms, themes, make backups, restore backups, rename backups, partition your SD card, and more–all from this easy to use application. Rom Manager is a free download from the Market, but if you want some additional features like premium ROMs and ROM updates, you can buy the premium version for $4.99. Not only can you install roms from your SD card, you can also browse from numerous sources (depends on your phone) to download roms straight from this application. Before you jump in and start using this app, you must have a rooted phone.


  • Easy to use interface, very user friendly.
  • The ability to download roms straight from the app without a computer.
  • (Premium Feature) Notifications for rom updates. *Great when flashing nightlies


  • Though the UI is easy to use, its very plain. I would like to see some icons for each section or alternate colors.


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  1. comrade
    January 26, 08:42 Reply

    amigo, this is ANDROID where “plain” = understated, professional & efficient. I believe it was meant to be compact, like any other good utility.

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