Cloud Printing Feature Let Users Print from Android Phones

The official Gmail blog has a post up this afternoon telling of a new cloud printing feature in their mobile website.  In short, users can print out emails and attachments from Gmail, providing they are using the mobile site (not the client).  It only takes a few minutes to get set up and printing but there are a couple of catches.  One needs to have a PC (Linux/Mac coming soon) running the latest version of Chrome with the Google Cloud Print option enabled.  These next few days will see the rollout hitting over the next few days so be patient if you don’t see it right away.

I’d love to see this feature enabled on the native client as well as within Android in general.  Email is nice, but high-res pictures are even better!

  • Jim

    I’m evidently not as smart as you guys! Could you please explain how to set this up a little more thoroughly?

    • Jay Dub

      From what I can tell, you have to have Google Chrome installed on one of the computers on your router. In chrome, go to the wrench icon at the top right and choose Options and enable Cloud Printing. After that, you can suppoedly print from any web site on your phone.

  • Guags

    I use Printershare. Works well to print from native Gmail as well as web, pics, pdfs, etc.

  • ohhh to be able to print from my picasa gallery would be cool. Not sure when I would use that, but be nice to have! LOL