HTC Flyer Specs Leaked!

I, for one, have been waiting far too long for this. We’ve gotten word from the guys over at Amobil, who have the leaked specs for HTC‘s Android tablet, aka the Flyer. Before I get into the specs, the picture above is a mockup, and might not even be an HTC tablet. Now then, the Flyer will be packing:

  • A 7-inch, 1024×600 resolution screen, which is the same as the Galaxy Tab
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, found in the Desire HD
  • HDMI port
  • DLNA-enabled for wireless movie/music streaming
  • 5MP rear camera with LED flash and facial recognition
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chatting, with Skype preinstalled
  • At the time they received the specs, the Flyer was running Gingerbread, but Honeycomb was released shortly after, so we can’t confirm which version it’ll be running out-of-the-box
  • A remodeled version of Sense that has a “desktop” feel to it
  • HSPA connectivity (T-Mobile, anyone?)
  • There’s also apparently a 10-inch tablet in the works, to compete with the iPad.
  • The iPad competitor will feature LTE (Verizon customers, you can get excited now) and will be in stores sometime in the second half of the year

All I can say is… wow. I know HTC is good at blowing us away, but this tablet sounds incredible. As if it wasn’t enough that it’s HTC-made. Now they throw all this at us. I’m definitely keeping my eyes on this device. Anyone else impressed? Again, a big thanks to the guys over at Amobil for the info!

  • Dan

    A little on the weak side compared to the other tablets coming out later this year. Truthfully, I doubt it will sell well at all unless it’s priced very competitively

  • Andrew

    Seriously? Did you just say ‘wow’ & ‘blowing us away’ in relation to this?? honestly?

    I’ve got a huge yawn… i have major concerns for this running Honeycomb, as the processor is well behind the tegra’s.. the resolution is well below the xoom too..

    There is nothing here that samsung didn’t get out last year in the tab 6 months ago…

    HTC has really dropped the ball on this one i’m afraid.

    • I was thinking the same thing. This isn’t anything special at all. C’mon HTC, what happened to being ahead of the game? Bring on the Tegra II Honeycomb tablets!

    • Exactly my thought.

      Incredible? What tablet that isn’t a rehash of the Galaxy Tab specs were you looking at? I was deeply underwhelmed with the actually incredible tablets on the way.

  • deraildoax

    LAME. Not impressed. Seven inch tablets are lame. I’m more impressed with the Polaroid 9.7″ Android tablet.

    Posted from my Archos 101.

    • DaveC

      Labeling 7 inch tablets as lame is……. lame. There are many people who prefer them as the discussions on the Archos forums indicate. Different strokes.

      Posted from my Archos 70.

  • I’ve seriously been waiting FOREVER for this HTC Tablet. I’m glad the specs got released now I want it even more!!! Hopefully it won’t have the same expensive pricetag like the Xoom. =)

    GO HTC!!!

  • noes

    “All I can say is… wow. I know HTC is good at blowing us away, but this tablet sounds incredible.”

    are we reading the same specs here? what exactly wow’s you about this thing? this looks like last year’s tablet. i thought htc was waiting to make a tablet until they got it right? apparently we have different ideas about what’s right

  • Ragflan

    Hey HTC. Nostalgic aren’t we? Sticking with 2010 specs.

  • Scmo

    If it is priced right I will buy, sounds like good specs and even though they aren’t mind blowing if the price is modest I’m down.

  • j. read

    Think…a 7inch Desire HD with a bigger battery life. Do you really need anything till a htc tegra 3 tab is ready. Full flash internet too.

  • The One

    So just like HTC’s Thunderbolt is just a rehash of last year’s EVO, having a weaker battery, lower resolution screen, and slower processor than the Motorola Bionic…..this HTC Flyer is a rehash of the Galaxy Tab from last year, and will again have weaker specs than the Motorola Xoom. There’s a pattern here from HTC.

  • bousozoku

    It’ll probably perform better than a netbook of a similar price.

    I’m just not sure whether 7 inch displays are good or bad. They’re not easily portable and they’re not really big enough to be a comfortable experience on the eyes.

    However, more tablets are better to really show what can be done. Let’s hope that Android isn’t holding them back from succeeding.

  • Yes. I’m impressed, too.

    HTC has taste, his user experience and the way of using the solid colors in the GUI is beautiful.

    The new Sense icons moves towards the Palm Pre, but they are great.

  • RR

    Don’t you watch any tablet news at all.
    These specs are ancient.
    It doesn’t even pack anything innovative, it’s just another tablet.
    Take a look at Notion ink Adam or NEC or even Xoom.
    I would’ve been excited if this had come out last year.
    As of today, this product is useless.

  • Thanks for the post. It simply shows how innovative and high tech our world nowadays. I have been waiting for this HTC Tablets for such a long time. I’m glad that it is already released and I’m pleased to have more. Keep on posting such wonderful article.

  • saiya

    if its as low price as the specs, i’d consider offer one to my girl friend.
    But for myself, i prefer waiting for some real 2011 awaited specs (cmon dual core, blowing RAM and SD, ….)

  • B

    Am I missing something here? Some very thick sarcasm maybe? These specs are outdated. After CES, it’s inexcusable to release a tablet sporting the same specs as PHONES that came out last year. I love HTC more than anything, but they have been nothing but disappointing as of late. I can’t imagine why you would be impressed with this. Haven’t you seen the Xoom? The G Slate? This thing is more comparable to the Samsung Tab. It’s decent. Nowhere near incredible, especially since it will be even more outdated by the time it comes out.

    • Anthony

      “After CES, it’s inexcusable to release a tablet sporting the same specs as PHONES that came out last year.”

      Seriously? If this thing hits the market for $300-$400, it’ll sell more than Motorola’s $700-800 Xoom. Tablets are devices that DON’T REPLACE ANYTHING. You probably still need a laptop, you definitely still need a phone and a REAL computer.

      Tablets should be built and priced to compete with netbooks, which is their pseudo-competition. I say pseudo-competition because most/all netbooks can do more than any tablet on the market.

      Maybe HTC is doing it right. If this thing launches for $300-400, and it’s sitting next to the $7-800 Xoom, at least 75% of people are going to choose the Flyer every time.

      • See! I totally agree! I think thats a good ‘sneaky’ marketing technique. If the price is low enough MORE people are going to buy it because they can afford it. Let’s face it, a lot of people are struggling right now and if they REALLY need a network or tablet, then of course they are going to look for the lowest price.

        GO HTC!!!!

  • I really find it amusing to see companies like Motorola and HTC competing with each other. But come to think of it, people are buying their devices not because of the device itself but because of the Operating System (Google’s Android).

  • Desktop style of HTC Sense?
    No thank you.

  • Casper

    Honeycomb was not released, in fact, Gingerbread was only just released a little more than a month ago! They must mean it currently runs Froyo, but Gingerbread was released right after.

  • Riddlin

    Boring. Why even make a 7 inch Tab? You might as well stick with a Droid X. 10 inches or go home.

    • Ron

      @Riddlin… Because there is a huge market for enterprise use of very portable tablets for field crews and mobile employees. 7″ is ideally suited for corporate use in warehouses and service trucks while 10″ is ideally suited for stationary on-the-couch consumers at home. Gosh, one size has never fit all.

  • Jules

    I happen to own archos 7ht, it can easily fit in all my paints front’s much more portable than a 10in tablet. I’m fighting with the decision between a new 7in tablet our a 10. And I’m finding to convince my self that 10 is better.. It’s easy to hold and read a 7 plus the ease of pinch to zoom.really no reason for 10 in.. If I need more than 7 in to watch video.I’m watching tv.. Oh yeah and htc the stats suck…period. I’m going galaxy tab 2 out 4g

  • tino

    You are “blown away” by the spec found in a HTC HD2? Laugh out loud?

  • I am sure that I will buy the flyer because for me thy stylus is very important.

    • Reza

      I’m with you on this.

  • Anonymous

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