HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola XOOM Prices Leaked

Prices for two of the most anticipated Android devices have been leaked:

These are not official prices released by the manufacturer. They may change and are not final. See the leaked pics below: Note that we cited two leaked prices for the XOOM. The latest one from an insider from BestBuy puts the XOOM at $699.00 not the previous $799.00.

Looks like the XOOM will come in the same neighborhood as an iPad at $699 without contract. And the HTC Thunderbolt, sporting some 24Mb+ download speeds and HTC awesomeness should hit at $249 on contract.

Either way you look at it we have some powerful devices heading our way.

Via Android Central and Droid_Life

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  1. Michele
    January 24, 10:48 Reply

    Prices for two of the most anticipated Android devices have been leaked:

    * Motorola XOOM tablet $699.00 (with no contract)
    * HTC Thunderbolt $249.00 (with a contract)

    In the screenshot is * Motorola XOOM tablet $799.00 (with no contract)

  2. TheGeek
    January 24, 11:06 Reply

    Isn’t that $799 meaning $800? That was the price leaked earlier. Thats what it says in the pic, if I’m not mistaken. Any other source that says $700?

  3. Nathan
    January 24, 11:47 Reply

    that price is a pic from verizon, a few days ago a leak from best buy showed the $699.99 price.

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