September 17, 2014

JuiceDefender Receives Significant Upgrade

There is great news for all of you Android users seeking improved battery life: JuiceDefender has ditched its complicated user interface for a sleek, intuitive system of sliding tiles. Also included with the update is the ability to backup your settings.

JuiceDefender is a capable battery manager application that gives you total control of your phone’s radios, allowing you to toggle 2G, 3G and wifi on and off in a number of pre-set situations. For example, you can choose to have JuiceDefender automatically enable wifi for a few seconds before connecting to 3G to determine if an open network is available, and then disable wifi if it cannot connect to an open network. Another example is the ability to enable 3G data every five minutes. This allows your phone to receive emails and other data without being constantly connected. JuiceDefender would then disable 3G data once data traffic dropped below a number that you choose (i.e., 5KB/5sec). There are a number of additional settings that result to improved battery life.

I have used the application on my HTC EVO 4G for the past couple of months and have noticed a significant improvement in my phone’s battery life. If you would like to see similar results, scan the QR code at the bottom of the article or search for JuiceDefender in the Android Market. While JuiceDefender is free, a premium add-on called UltimateJuice costs approximately $5. UltimateJuice features nifty extras such as location-aware wifi management. Latedroid, the creator of JuiceDefender, tipped us on an upcoming discount to UltimateJuice that will occur sometime in the next few weeks to celebrate JuiceDefender’s 1 millionth download. Follow Latedroid on Twitter or Facebook for more details.

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