Motorola Confirms No Blur for XOOM

Motoblur: you either love or you hate it. But it seems like more hate it, so let’s just say many will be rejoicing  that there will be no Motoblur on the XOOM.

With the XOOM expected to be the launch device for the long-awaited Honeycomb, it makes sense that it’d have a pure Google experience.  A Motorola spokesman confirmed this to Intomobile, saying that they have “no plans to customize the software with MotoBlur.”

The Motorola spokesman’s complete statement:  

“To clarify, Motorola XOOM is a Google Experience Device and the first tablet to incorporate Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As such, Motorola Mobility has worked closely with Google to develop and optimize the Honeycomb OS on XOOM, and has no plans to customize the software with MotoBlur.”

For those who do like the MotoBlur experience, it’s possible that Motorola will produce other tablets that do include their custom UI. But we imagine that most readers will be glad to hear that the XOOM will be a pure Android experience.

  • Charles


  • This is no confirmatikn that Blur won’t come, it just confirms that the Xoom won”t ship with Blur. Plans change all the time and Moto has not been friendly to their customers of late with their locked boot loaders and rude comments.

    This is a Moto tablet and they will do what they want, when they want up to and including abandoning the device in 6 months when their next new shinny is ready to ship. Fool me once Moto.

  • Great news indeed!!!

    • This isn’t news at all. Moto can and just might change their mind at will and with the locked boot loaded you’ll get to live with it.

  • anon

    Vanilla or some other skin?

  • Does the “Google Experience” now include customer-hostile lock-in and continuing claims of corporate ownership rights held by Motorola even after a customer has paid for the device?

    (I cannot explain the dedicated customer lock-out chips as anything but a way for motorola to enforce restrictions on device use as though THEY, and not only the customer who paid for it, retain some kind of ownership over the device.)

  • Paul

    I am so glad to hear about this. While I like the additions of TouchWiz such as the Notification Bar Toggles, Motoblur was in no way enhancing. Let the Vanilla-Theming begin =)

  • Pax

    Yaay..oops, I am not buying this, it’s too expensive