HTC Flyer Specs Confirmed, 4GB of Storage?

Yesterday we told you about the HTC Flyer’s specs. But there were some fill-in-the-blanks there, and I’m here to clear them up. Amobil, the same site that broke the specs we covered last night, has gotten word from a source that the specs are real, and they were able to fill in those empty blanks. The Flyer will run Gingerbread at launch, as HTC is apparently very eager to get this tablet to market. No word on if it’ll be updated to Honeycomb, but it’s HTC, so don’t be surprised if it is. That “Sense with a desktop feel” we mentioned is apparently Sense with a few changes made to the menus and such, to make it feel and look more smooth for that 7-inch screen.

We’re seeing that the Flyer will come with 4GB of ROM and 1GB of RAM. It’ll likely be pretty light, and sources have told Amobil that it’ll come packed with a powerful battery. We’ve also learned that the Flyer will be equipped with a stylus, something missing from most tablets these days. The probable launch date is somewhere in April, so keep your eyes peeled for more on this device. Stay tuned to AndroidGuys for the latest and greatest on the HTC Flyer. Anyone else excited about seeing this bad boy?

  • Jason Delkson

    I’m there! Just found a new company selling t-shirts with QR Codes… I’m interested. They promote the world’s greatest phone: Android

  • Yup! Love HTC. Gonna pick this lil guy up the first day it comes out. =)

    • Justin Marden

      I plan to as well, if of course the price is right. 🙂

  • noes

    so this is going to sell for under $299 right?

  • Sam

    ROM stands for Read Only Memory. I very much doubt they’re putting 4G of ROM in this thing.

  • Cotillion

    The rumor source says they’ve got confirmation on their own rumor? That isn’t really confirmed at all. While the specs sound decent I have a feeling it’ll be outclassed by HTC themselves far too soon. I’ve been waiting for a tablet from them for a while but I think I’ll wait on this one.