T- Mo G-Slate, Vibrant 4G and Dell Streak 7 Release Dates

Image Credit: Tmo news

T-Mo News is reporting today that the above graphic confirms rumored launch dates for 3 upcoming Android devices.  Namely the LG G-Slate, the Dell Streak 7 and the Samsung Vibrant 4G.  (The Cliq 2 is also pictured above, but that has already been released, and honestly, who cares?)

The LG Slate looks to be dropping on March 23rd, confirming the rumored release dates that have been floating around.  The Dell Streak 7, originally thought to be priced at $330.00, looks like it is going to drop on February 2nd with a price tag of $299.00.  The $299.00 seems like a more plausible figure for sure.

The controversial Vibrant 4G looks to be dropping on February 23rd.  If you have an upgrade available it is looking like you are going to have some options in the Android realm on T-Mo.

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