Motorola Hyping XOOM in Latest YouTube Clip [VIDEO]

We caught our first glimpses of the following video a few weeks back at CES when Motorola formally announced the XOOM.  Some of you may have already seen the clip, but for those who have not, enjoy!  What follows is essentially roughly a minute and a half of fluff and tease for the upcoming Honeycomb-based tablet.  We only see brief glimpses of a rendered device, but you all know what it looks like by now.  Rather, Motorola wants you to focus on all the cool ‘stuff’ that went into designing the unit.  If you’re looking for more Honeycomb-specific footage, check here.

  • masterpfa

    We really need to see a hands on in the hand of Tech Journalists and not Motorola/Google employees. Probably not until after MCW 2011 at this rate. These CGI presentations really don’t tell us a thing, plus the initial Video only dsiplays from CES 2011.
    We are still waiting