Motorola Reps Visiting Verizon Stores with XOOM in Hand

We just got word from one of our trusty readers that some Motorola reps are already traveling around with working XOOM tablets.  Our guy happened to be at a Verizon store today when a Motorola agent stopped in,carrying the Android 3.0 tablet with him.  Like many of you, our source had previously only seen the Honeycomb tablet online through video and second-hand reports.  What did he think of it?  Well, he had some glowing remarks for the device!

He offered up the following:

“That thing is legit!! I could only sneak a few pics but dang that thing is awesome.  The quality and build on that thing is solid, feels great in your hand.  The unlock button is perfectly placed.

When asked how he liked Honeycomb, he tells us, “There is not one thing I didn’t like about it.”


The next time you swing by a Verizon store to pay your bill, keep your eyes peeled.  That guy in a suit might be carrying the new hotness!

  • graveghoul

    And i was just about to go by my local verizon today and barade them with questions! Im on the edge of my seat I WANT IT ALREADY!!!

  • Ask him when the WIFI version will be released. 🙂

  • El Daddy

    I haven’t been this excited for a product launch since Xbox 360! I cannot wait!

  • ckeegan

    I’m in on launch day.

  • old_fossil

    I want Android to succeed, but this UI is crap. Sorry, but it just doesn’t look that great. The RIM playbook and WebOS look much much better. What happened? I thought this guy from Palm was the shizzel?