T-Mobile Discounts Vibrant, Sets it Free for Very Limited Time

T-Mobile has dramatically dropped the price of their Samsung Galaxy S series phone, the Vibrant, for a very limited time.  As in, you have a little over one day to take advantage of the savings.  Last week saw the carrier slashing the price of the G2 down to zero for a few days.  Could this be a trend for T-Mobile?  We noticed they have been keeping the prices of their Android phones at a very affordable $100 or less (after rebates).  Have you taken advantage yet?

  • brandon

    But it’s a Samsung, stay away, stay very far away from samsung android phones. Not reliable w/ updates, bluetooth stack is screwed up just to mention a few things.

  • Frigadroid

    They have to do something with all the returns like the one I had, with all the usual problems from lag to gps, nobody wants them now that they know the half baked samsdung mini kies froyo can’t fix the problems.

  • justified

    teenhobo and samsuck the retarded duo