Google Launches a Weather Web App, Sliders Included

Google announced the launch of a weather web app Monday for Android and iPhone. It is accessible by simply searching “weather” on in your device’s browser. On the search results page itself, basic information about the weather is displayed, either using your current location (via GPS) or for a manually chosen location.

Arguably the most interesting feature of the weather web app is the built-in horizontal slider. It adjusts the time of the day you want to see the weather predicted. Although it is a simple slider, it is a unique and attractive feature for a mobile site to have.

There are some reports of the weather web app not showing up on devices like it should. If anyone figures out a trick or fix, shout it out in the comments!

  • Andy

    It doesnt show up if you have your web browser in a “desktop” mode… you have to view the mobile version of web pages to see this.

  • Ronnie B

    Is this yet another 2.1+ only feature? Doesn’t work on my G1. Just get a regular search results page with, etc. Booo!

  • Why don’t they just release the app.

  • Ragflan

    It only works on It doesn’t work on, or some other country-specific googles. So go to (for me it redirects to then on the page click ‘Go to’. Once you do, search weather and this web-app shows up.

  • Troy

    Works on mine after turning on “use device location” in preferences and rebooting, could be just the reboot that did it.