Samsung Unveils Four New Galaxy Devices for Europe, Other Countries

Samsung isn’t waiting until next month’s Mobile World Congress to start dumping new phones on us.  Today (and yesterday), the handset maker unveiled four new models for release in Russia, Europe, and other markets.  These are not your high end line of phones designed to replace your current phone.  Rather, these Android 2.2 phones are part of that entry level and mid-range market that should help sway your typical feature phone user.  Specific release dates, prices, and carriers for these four have yet to be announced.

  • Samsung GALAXY Mini:  Touted as a “fun and funky ” first smart phone for “trendy and sociable youngster”, the Mini features a 3.14-inch QVGA display, 600MHz processor, and a “a flashy color stripe along the side”.  Available in Russia with gradual roll to other European countries, India and China.
  • Samsung GALAXY Fit: This one  looks positioned for the busy bee who also happens to be a social butterfly.  Specs include a 600MHz processor, 5-megapixel camera and 3.31-inch QVGA display.  Look for this one starting in February in Russia and then on to other European countries, India and South America.
  • Samsung GALAXY Ace: A step up of from these first two, the Ace packs an 800MHz processor under the 3.5-inch HVGA screen and will be marketed towards “trendy and sociable young professionals”.  Like the Mini, this one is immediately available in Russia, hitting other European countries, India and China in due time
  • Samsung GALAXY Gio: Considered a marriage of brains and beauty, this sexy little number features a a 3.2-inch HVGA display, a 3MP camera and an 800MHz processor.  The Gio will hit Russia and other European countries, India and China over time.

Samsung plans to show these, and likely more, at Mobile World Congress next month. Via Korea IT Times

  • Larry

    Great, 4 new handsets Samsung will never get around to updating. Awesome!

    • Tom

      It’s your carriers to withold for some reason , not Samsung. If it was Samsung’s fault your and other world carriers would be screaming. My experience : I bought my SGS (2.1) in HongKong just before Christmas 2010 and upgraded to Froyo-2.2 without problems via Hong Kong web-site. So , what’s wrong with Samsung?

  • Rico

    Lets just steal an iphone and htc look, lots of cheap plastics,and cramm some crazy specs in there…
    Et voialla: The perfect mobile to fit everybody’s 1or2year contract,without paying anything for their mobile!!

  • i like it