Sony Ericsson to Incorporate Facebook “Single Sign On” Across New Devices

Sony Ericsson seems to be firing on all cylinders in regards to their current Android efforts.  Whether it be the sexy new Android 2.3-powered Xperia Arc or the long awaited Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone), they appear to be taking the platform very seriously.  According to TechCrunch, Sony Ericsson is taking another step forward with the integration of the Facebook Single Sign-On capability.  

You may remember hearing a few months back about Facebook making it easier to work with their system on mobile devices thanks to its new API.  This was the big announcement back in November when Facebook was widely expected to announce a smart phone.  The SSO works very similar to how Facebook Connect does on a desktop, providing instant access to all Facebook related applications at once.

Sony Ericsson Strategic Business Developer Martin Essl didn’t provide too many details but did say that it will be preloaded on all phones.  We assume this means the new 2011 product line which got kicked off with the Xperia Arc.  We hope to see more on this feature as part of their MWC announcements next month.

  • Wait, wait… didn’t tweetdeck implemented it like 6 months ago?