Trivia bar games come to Android in NTN Buzztime app

NTN Buzztime, Inc., the guys behind all those trivia games you see folks playing at the bar and restaurant, have announced an official Android application today.  Effective immediately, trivia buffs can download the free application from the Android Market. That means everyone at your table can get their game on without waiting for the clunky, outdated (Playmakers) boxes. 

I had a chance to play with this a little over a week ago and was seriously impressed with how easy it worked.  As soon as you open the app, it lets you sign in or create an account and then finds local establishments with games.  Tapping the appropriate bar, you’re thrown right into the mix against everyone else using those goofy looking blue boxes.  The app is clutter free, essentially only showing answer buttons.  Why not questions?  Well, that’s so you actually go into the bar and buy drinks and food, silly.

Fun Fact: Buzztime engages more than 1,500,000 players every year across  3,900 bars and restaurants.  There are roughly 50,000,000 bar trivia, cards and sports games each year on their network.

  • j.d

    I can’t find BuzzTime using the Nexus S (Android 2.3). Boo.

  • Andy

    Warning the app uses 27mb of internal phone memory with no option to install to the sd card. I would like to have this app but there is no way I can keep it if it takes up that much space.

  • Bunkai

    It’s called “Mobile Playmaker” not “BuzzTime” in the Android Market.

    Also, 27mb, while quite a bit larger than most, is really not that big of a deal. Especially when many of the current phones have around 2GB of internal phone storage.

    • Andy

      Yea some of the most recent phones do but your still alienating just about every phone actually being used today.

    • David

      Actually, it is a big deal on the vast majority of Android phones in use.

  • Pidge

    Can you play from your phone at home?
    Because I get No Questions!!!!
    Buzzkill. How disappointing. I get everything but the question. 🙁

  • I uninstalled this after I found out you can play at home. You still have to go to the bar or restaurant where buzztime trivia is served. Buzztime trivia is a fun game but it’s a gimmick to get you into the bars and restaurants to SPEND MONEY…. they will probably never bring it full fledged to home or mobile phone use…….. so sad. It’s a really fun game.

  • Oooops I totally fumbled my comment… I meant I uninstalled after I found out you CAN’T play at home… or on your device.

  • Ms. Jane

    Where I play if your bar gets number one in the country you get a free drink. A group ofis get together every Thursday afternoon to play. We do well as a group. Last Thursday we got four number ones in a row.