VOTE NOW: 3D on Android Phones, Gimmick or Must-Have?

As far as we can see, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of multi-core processors and 3D screens.  It wasn’t all that long ago that 3D technology was only found in movie theaters on select films.  Today we have televisions and regular broadcasting of 3D movies and programs in our house.  This time next year we could be seeing it as an industry-wide standard for Android phones.  That’s why we’re asking you today to sound off.

How do you feel about 3D technology on your smart phone?  Glad it’s hear or won’t use it at all?  More importantly, would you pay more for the feature to be added into your next handset?

You guys know what to do by now… hit the poll below to share your opinion.  After that, head to the comments to argue your point.

  • michael

    It has potential, but it’s still searching for a reason. Waiting for that “killer-app” that transforms it into the “must-have” feature that it could become.

  • do i love new features and technology, YES do i see myself ever using 3d on my phone, NO! Who knows though, my thoughts may change this year! 🙂

  • Nathan

    i voted for must have, but now my reasoning.

    3D is a really cool effect, the other day i played GranTurismo5 in 3d at my local best buy and it was amazingly fun. I’ve also seen tons of movies in 3d, latest being tron and green hornet. And just yesterday i watched a video showing some college sports in 3d and that was probably one of the best uses i’ve seen for it for the home.

    Now i do think that 3D in the home is still a gimmick, but it’s still a fun feature for certain things. I would love to see a game like light cycles 3d in 3d lol on my android tablet. Live wallpapers making use of the 3d effect could be amazing. Even the UI itself could look amazing under 3d.

    But two things need to be done for this. Firstly, is NO GLASSES. As long as 3D requires glasses outside of a theater, it’s a gimmick, it’s why i won’t buy a 3DTV, because i refuse to spend another $500 on glasses for my family to watch.

    if a 3d android tablet is released, or even a phone, that requires no glasses to see it, then it’ll be pretty awesome once stuff starts taking advantage of it.

    And the second thing, would be the ability to turn it OFF. Like the Nintendo 3DS, any 3D device needs the ability to turn the 3D off for hundreds of reasons starting with battery life and going all the way up to it just giving you a headache after a while, or just being useless when your on the web or on hundreds of other apps that it would be useless on.

    The first device with 3d is most likely going to end up being the T-Mobile G-Slate. It’s going to require 3d glasses to see in 3d. But it’ll be interesting to see if people actually buy it for that.

  • BPMWare

    I don’t know the numbers population wise but the whole direction of 3D is a tough one to swallow for someone like me who only has vision in one eye. If it’s true 3D where different images are shown (or timed) to the two eyes, I guess I’m just out of luck. I don’t want to hinder technical progress but have to admit selfishly that I hate to see technology going this way. If this is the future I guess need to start working on a convergence technology for the visually impaired.

  • If it lowers screen resolution or brightness or sharpness. Fail.

  • JaylanPHNX

    What are some of the highest praises heaped on Super AMOLED and Retina Display screens other than resolution? Viewing angles. What will autostereoscopic 3D destroy on any display? Viewing angles.

  • Jimmy13

    I personally wouldn’t want to sacrifice battery for 3d content on a 3.5-4inch screen.

  • Niq

    Please no!!!
    I love my android, and I love android for being dynamic, please don’t compromise what we have to follow a fad that was created to sell crap movies.

  • J. Harper

    What’s the deal with you nay-sayers?! Don’t you realize that a 3D phone will probably come with a 3D chipset from Nvidia? You know… dual core 1.2ghz of awesomeness! If you don’t want the 3D, you don’t have to have it… I’m psyched about 3D, mainly for the extra HP. I may never actually use the 3D feature, but I’ll use that extra processing power.

  • Tony McAfee

    I say gimmick.
    Firstly, I have never seen a single thing in 3d that makes me want to spend ANY extra money on it. Secondly, aside from some cool possibilities with holographic displays, the only reason I can ever imagine caring if your computer interface is 3 dimensional would be the ability to operate in all 3 dimensions, and not only view it. Because if you can see it, but not use it, who cares?
    And perhaps I’m speaking out of turn here, because I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge in the area, but I don’t believe we’re anywhere near a “Tony Stark in Ironman-like” user interface. Not on a cell phone anyway.

  • james braselton

    hi there i want 3d now it is must have i too have seen many 3d movies at the theator at the mall of ga and seeing 2d movies graphics are underpowered oh by the way i have aiptek i2 3d hd camcorder in true glasses free 3d has a 2.4 inch 3d paralax berrier screen wich has a resolution of 480 by 240 resolution i got for christmax present

  • Popeye

    Those of us with monocular vision will never care about it.

  • campusantu

    I really think that’s a gimmick, today we are reaching the point that using our smartphone for internet/music/game we have to care to battery life if we need to use it all the (and just one) day (to take train at evening or night etc), so I think that will drain a lot the battery, especially if the 3D effect is reached with frontal camera, this implies that it will be powered on all the day (and face recognition on image also implies cpu operation)…
    IMHO they have to concentrate technologic efforts to increase battery life before to introduce other things (like nvidia’s quad core)
    Sorry for bad english, I’m italian

  • Like we need a 3D screen on our phone. Just sounds like another battery drainer.

  • james braselton

    hi there yes 3d is must have becuase my 3ds has nintendo video service with 3d videos free and app free and netflix app free with $8 per month and netflix is now rolling out 3d movies for the 3d mobile devices

  • james braselton

    hi there harper your wrong novidia dont make 3d chips thats intel that makes the 3d chips and oh yes 3d hard drives around the corner for up too 400,000,000,000,000 terabytes per second read write speeds put a 3d hdd in my ps 3 i can game in nano seconds