Possible Droid Incredible Successor Spied

An unannounced HTC handset with Verizon branding has been spotted in the wild. Based on its back cover and touch only appearance, we’re led to believe that we’re looking at a possible successor to last summer’s Droid Incredible.  Looking at the picture we can only make out that the camera features a dual-LED flash and that it will be running HTC Sense.  Putting two and two together we surmise that this device will bear at least an 8-megapixel camera, a processor of 1GHz or higher, and 512MB RAM or more.  The screen of this phone looks to be in the vicinity of 4-inches, slightly larger than the first model’s 3.7-inch display.  

Droid Life has previously reported that a Droid Incredible Global  is in the works, so it’s likely this is the same device.  Hopefully, we get more than simply a bigger screen and different radio inside.  HTC’s recent phones have included the newer, more cloud-based Sense UI so we’re putting money on that happening here as well.

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  1. John
    January 27, 10:22 Reply

    Isn’t the Thunderbolt the Droid Incrdible’s successor? I certainly saw more than one reference to it being called the Incredible HD…

    • Raj
      January 27, 10:28 Reply

      I would imagine the droid bionic as the successor. The thunderbolt doesn’t seem to be carrying the Droid branding anyway?

      That hump on the back, will that be there on the final version? Huge battery ? Hopefully phones come out thus year with at least 1500mAh batteries. Anything less And I couldn’t get through a day.

  2. Dan
    January 27, 10:36 Reply

    Sooooooo…it’s the same exact phone, but looks like an iPhone 3G?

  3. Jonathan
    January 27, 11:52 Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. The front looks to much like the icrap 3g. Fail!! . Make a better design and that will be a win. Looks wise at least.

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