October 2, 2014

Google Working on In-App Payments, Other Market Enhancements

For those of us who’ve found the Market a pain point in Android, is it any consolation to know that Google’s not happy with it, either?

At the Inside Social Apps conference this week, Eric Chu, Android Platform Manager, said that the number of paid app purchases are not increasing as they should with the increases in use of Android in general, and that’s something Google wants to fix for developers. Improvements planned for this year include:

  • A Google-sanctioned in-app payment system. Planned for the first quarter of 2011, this will give developers a way to enable purchases of real or virtual goods within their apps.
  • More carrier billing options. Currently only T-Mobile and AT&T customers in the U.S. are able to have Market purchases added to their phone bill, and Google would like to roll this out to more carriers.
  • Social features in the Market tied to the Android address book, which includes not only our Google contacts, but often contacts from Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Chu also said that HTML5 would be leveraged somehow, and even gave us a glimmer of hope about something that’s caused a lot of grief: he said that he’s “open to feedback” about possibly changing the 15 minute refund window.

Sources: Forbes, All Things D

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