Leaked MWC Plans Confirm Samsung Galaxy S 2, Tab 2

Rumored and widely expected, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and Tab 2 have been unofficially confirmed.  A leaked Mobile World Congress document from inside Samsung made its way online yesterday, detailing plans to present both devices as part of their “Unpacked” show.  SamsungHub was the first to post the doc although it’s since been removed.  Generally that’s a sign of hitting nails on the head.

As to what, specifically, will be in each of these devices remains somewhat sketchy.  The Galaxy S 2 is rumored to boast a dual-core Orion processor, 1GB RAM, and 4.3-inch screen among other details.  The Tab 2 is even less clear, although recent whispers include a 7″ 2048×1200 Super-AMOLED display and Tegra 2 processor.  Regardless, we’ll find out soon enough; Samsung’s MWC event is slated for February 13th.

  • Larry

    Who cares? Until Samsung gets serious about updating their current high end phones, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S class in the US, why should anyone care about their new phones? These are just more phones that Samsung will probably never update or test before selling to consumers, screwing us all in the end.

  • Jules

    I’m interested in the tab 2, I like the xoom, but for $700..i don’t know so I’m going the tab 2 will be less.. I also feel you about the updates.I’m on my fascinate posting this now..lol I waited so long for the 2.2 update but gave in an rooted it with the voodoo lag fix about 2 weeks ago. I couldn’t be happier, but I still wish i had 2.2.