Motorola XOOM Specs Compared To Original iPad

Here we are, the tablet wars are about to erupt with the release of the Motorola XOOM on February 17th. How does the flagship Android 3.0 honeycomb device stand up to the original iPad?

I know the iPad is an older device, so comparing the two is a bit unfair. The iPad 2 is in the works, but currently the original iPad  is Apple’s only tablet that we can compare against. Which one is better? Read below and make your decision.

Here’s a side by side comparison chart of the Motorola XOOM and the original iPad via Droid Life.

Side by side it’s no question which one is better. By specs, the Motorola XOOM outdoes the iPad hands down. Moto has matched or one-upped the iPad on every spec. But Apple does have an iPad 2 in the works, likely to be released in the first half of the year. We dug up some of the rumored specs on the next gen iPad to compare with the Motorola XOOM:

  • Multi-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU (vs. original iPad: single-core ARM Cortex-A8)
  • Dual-core SGX543 GPU (vs. original iPad: single-core SGX535)
  • 2048 x 1536 display at 260 dpi (vs. original iPad: 1024 x 768 at 132 dpi)
  • GSM/CDMA chipset (vs. original iPad: GSM only)
  • Front- and rear-facing cameras
  • SD card slot

This comparison seems to be less of a no brainer, but in my opinion the XOOM is not only the better alternative to the original iPad, but will also give the iPad 2 a run for its money. Either way we clearly we will have some great tablets in 2011. Choose your sides: Android or Apple. Come’s Android!

Motorola’s XOOM is scheduled to be released on Feb. 17th for $699 without a contract.

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  1. Nissl
    January 27, 14:06 Reply

    There’s no way I’d get a tablet, any tablet, without a front mounted camera for video chat. But what I will do is wait for the iPad 2 announcement, as well as some specifics on budget competitors like Toshiba, and make a decision then.

  2. Kaik541
    January 27, 17:29 Reply

    2048 x 1536 display at 260 dpi (vs. original iPad: 1024 x 768 at 132 dpi) –>

    1280 x 800 display at 160 dpi (vs. original iPad: 1024 x 768 at 132 dpi)

    fixed. seems you accidentally said the motorola xoom’s resolution was actually double the original iPad’s resolution (and the rumored iPad 2 resolution)

  3. InspectorGadget80
    January 27, 19:11 Reply

    More powerful than the iPad and with expendable memory. Xoom never looks so sweet. And a higher HD RESOLUTION.

  4. Mike
    January 27, 19:19 Reply

    Keep in mind, one of the main reasons WHY the iPad has succeeded, PRICE. The cheapest iPad was only 499.99 with Wi-Fi only. To most people who don’t want to sign a 2-year contract it was the way to go. While the XOOM will appeal to the “hard-core” android fans it’s going to be tough convincing your friends, family and the casual tight walleted consumer it’s a good idea to drop $700 on a tablet that may have a few “designed for” apps.

    When the iPad 2 drops Apple will do what it always does, consider it a “re-fresh” of a product and the prices will remain the same. Meaning you can get all those nice specs on a wi-fi only tablet for 499.99 and ALL of your old apps. With Wi-fi everywhere and/or the ability to tack on a mobile hot-spot option on most smartphones for only $30 bucks a month without a new contract, you tell me which one seems like the no brainer.

    Just so you all know I’m a fan of both, I have an EVO 4G and an iPad so I’m not trying to pick sides I’m just merely pointing out facts. I cover both Apple and Android amongst other brands at so I just wanted to toss in my opinion.

    • Mark
      January 27, 21:13 Reply

      There is no two year contract requirement for the iPad 3G. You sign up with AT&T for a certain amount of data (there are two plans available) for a month. AT&T sets the plan to auto-renew, but you can change that. So if you are going on vacation with your iPad (or without it) you can shut it off and you pay nothing.

      Your connection with AT&T is your credit card. Businesses can set things up to provide service to multiple iPads and there may be service agreements for that, but as an individual, my iPad is pay-as-you-go.

      I do wish I could tether it to my iPhone though. I have an unlimited data plan on my iPhone.

  5. Doug Fiedor
    January 27, 20:41 Reply

    A good, and fair, article — all the way around!

  6. nikesberlin
    January 28, 00:37 Reply

    You dombasses…

    Writing an article, comparing the ORIGINAL IPAD FROM TWELVE MONTHS AGO (iPad debuted January 27th) to a device that has even come out yet? A YEAR DIFFERENCE.

    Not only is the article bias before even reading it, but dumb shits like Doug Fiedor says “a good, and fair article – all the way around.”

    Get a grip; you can’t compare anything until you see what the iPad 2 will be like.

    Have fun buying a tablet only to have a newer one come out the next week.

    • Sam
      April 01, 13:39 Reply

      How do you feel now that you’ve seen iPad 2 has kept the crappy screen?

      • Asdf
        April 06, 19:01 Reply

        Whoever put the specs in this article must have been dreaming.

        2Kx1.5K resolution? Only the 21″ laptops US$2000+ have them. Good luck getting them into products that are <$500 (at least for the next year or two).

        Seriously? SD card? HA HAHA HAHAHA.

  7. Robert
    January 28, 01:42 Reply

    ……….You realise that you will never buy a product that will be top of the range for more then a few months?

    Technology changes and advances.

    When the Xoom is released it will be kingsh1t of the tablet community.

    Apple may release something with slightly better stats 6 months later but android devices will trump it almost straight away.

    Its a vicious cycle.

  8. Michal
    January 28, 08:23 Reply

    I agree with the other commenter who mentioned the price. I find it said that there is no real competitor from android to the almost year old wifi ipad. I can tether my android phone if I really need that 3g connection. It is an expensive but useless “feature”, that does little more than allow some carrier to make buttloads of money.

    Furthermore, having owned motorolla phones before and knowing how poor they are keeping things refreshed and updated(remember the cliq, it was behind the g1 at launch and for years after). This is a company that doesn’t give a shit about you once you buy their product. I hope htc is able to do something right.

  9. Josh
    January 28, 08:48 Reply

    Can’t say that I’m looking forward to this xoom, Motorola is a company that I think just needs to die. I have never had good luck with anything they have made and getting support or a software update takes almost a year. I have an iPad now and the only Android tablet I would consider replacing it with would be the Galaxy Tab or an HTC built tablet.

  10. bousozoku
    January 29, 14:39 Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out how you play 1080p content fully on a resolution of 1280×800.

    Handling the content and claiming to play it properly are two different things. I’ve seen that Tegra 2 can handle 1080p playback and Android can likely handle it, but you still need a resolution of 1920×1080 to display it.

    It’s not just Motorola. I’ve seen a number of claims concerning Tegra 2-based devices.

    • Asdf
      April 06, 18:57 Reply

      err… it’s called an HDMI out? There’s a port built right into it. It’s even on the spec sheet in the article.

  11. juniorsgv
    January 30, 17:32 Reply

    @josh as an owner of an ipad 16gb wifi. and briefly owned samsung galaxy tablet. believe me when i say it, you would not replace your ipad with it. as a spoiled apple user w/ constant updates i was amazed how bad the glitchines was on the android tablet. now i see what all the android people were talking about fragmentation. having to read reviews to see if apps worked on my tab, tab randomnly turning off or freezing, lack of apps, oh and then google saying android wasn’t meant for tablets. SLAP lol. instant ok taking back sticking to apple til google gets their act together.

  12. int19h
    January 30, 18:28 Reply

    @bousozoku: “1080p” refers to the ability to play back video in that resolution on an external output device (e.g. TV), normally via HDMI. All it says is that the system is powerful enough to decode at that quality in real time.

  13. Simon
    April 10, 11:54 Reply

    what a pointless article.

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