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  1. diaztradeinc
    January 27, 13:05 Reply

    Hmmmmm, i might grab me one of these badboys!! Been waiting for some new tach with sick specs :)

  2. Jeff B
    January 27, 13:18 Reply

    Spec and price Xoom is looking like a great tool. If your watching the Xoom feeds people are worried about price but as your post shows specs would warrant a higher price but still cheaper than the iPad.

  3. francisco
    January 27, 14:25 Reply

    Fantaaaaaaastic. I love my android phone and was waiting for a good android tablet to come out. So excited for the Xoom/

  4. Boomer
    January 27, 17:49 Reply

    A barometer? Why would you need a barometer in a tablet?

    • Alan
      January 28, 06:15 Reply

      You’re not interested in your local weather then !!??

  5. chris
    January 27, 18:00 Reply

    I’m so excited can’t wait to get my hands on a xoom played with the honeycomb sdk yesterday and it has only wetted my appetite even more

  6. Sire Uri
    January 27, 20:35 Reply

    One category you forgot to list… WiFi only. iPad wins and I hate Apple. But, what I hate more is all these damn Android tablets tied to F***ING CARRIERS FIRST. You want to sell a lot of tablets? WIFI FIRST!!!

  7. phazelag
    January 27, 22:54 Reply

    A barometer would allow it to be used as a flight instrument on your knee as most pilots use kneeboards with charts. And you could tie the barometer in with topo maps and gps for navigation.

    • wookienz
      January 28, 19:10 Reply

      except that in an aeroplane it is pressurised so the true altitude is in correct!

      • civeng
        January 30, 12:18 Reply

        Most GA aircraft are not pressurized. This is a feature I am really looking forward to having in the cockpit of my plane!!

  8. David in NYC
    January 28, 09:48 Reply

    I don’t understand this insistence that some people have for Wi-fi. I’m out of range of a free wi-fi signal at least half of my day during the week, and frequently on the weekends.

    If I’m at a meeting and I want to access a google doc or on the road and want the kids to watch a video in the backseat, do I really want to be hunting around for a Wi-fi signal?

    That makes no sense.

    David in NYC

    • Namarrgon
      February 16, 21:24 Reply

      @David: I can see why you’d want 3G, if you take the tablet out on the road a lot, but a lot of people (like me) would mostly only use a tablet at home (esp. a larger 10″ tablet), where it only needs wifi. If I occasionally took the tablet out (on a car trip, say), then I’d use my phone’s wifi hotspot, or tether it via USB or BT.

      Other reason is, a lot of people don’t want to pay for another data plan. Those things add up. For me, I’d rather piggyback off my phone’s data plan, on the rare-ish occasion that I needed it (especially as tethering/hotspots don’t cost any extra, here in AU).

  9. James
    January 28, 09:50 Reply

    Don’t get me wrong, I plan on purchasing one of these Honeycomb tablets, but kind of an unfair comparison, the iPad has been out almost a year, and the Xoom doesn’t even have a solid release date.. it should be superior spec for spec. The Xoom will likely compete with the iPad2 this summer.

  10. Chahk
    January 28, 10:36 Reply

    I am thinking of picking up Nook Color and rooting it instead. for $250 you get half the specs, but it’s a better bargain, methinks.

  11. deee
    February 10, 19:22 Reply

    ipad really has only 256 m ram ?

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