Samsung to Manufacture the New Sidekick Device?

T-Mo News is reporting some interesting info that they have heard about the new “Sidekick” device coming to T-mo, and depending on how you feel about Samsung, it might not be good.

It looks like T-Mo, who owns the Sidekick branding, has given the nod to Samsung to create the newest Sidekick device.  If you are unfamiliar with the Sidekick, it was a pretty big success with the teen crowd back in the day, allowing them to text and connect with each other even when they were sitting across the table in a restaurant.  To a more discerning smartphone user the Sidekick was, let’s say, less than stellar.

This iteration of the device is going to be running Android as it’s OS, which of course can be seen as a win.

We are waiting for more confirmation on this report, but it is not surprising to hear considering Sammy and T-Mo seem to have an excellent corporate relationship.  To all you former teens that had you a Sidekick and love it, if Samsung makes this, you have my condolences.

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  1. Larry
    January 27, 16:32 Reply

    Great, if true, this is another Samsung device that will never be updated. Sigh, I wish Google would man up and tell these manufacturers, either you establish a fast, reliable upgrade mechanism, or you can no longer use any of our apps, market, or even Android.

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