Another Unknown HTC Device Spotted in Wilds Of Taipei

A second unannounced HTC phone has been spotted today in a Taipei Metro system. As expected, we’re getting to see the first real-world glimpses of recently uncovered devices from the handset maker ahead of their MWC debut.  A fast acting passenger noticed a fellow rider using a phone that they hadn’t seen before and took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures.

The pictures confirm the newer HTC style earpiece and front-facing camera.  Perfect – Now all we need are specs, launch date, and carrier availability!  Look for all of that in just a few short weeks.

Hit the jump for a few additional shots.

  • Damien

    Even with the blurry cam, is it just me or does that look like the status bar with a possible Sense overlay?

  • It looks like an up to date Nexus one. Just my opinion though.

  • scottG

    It looks like a over size Htc Hero

  • BKdroid

    @scott & Purity:

    It looks like a hot phone with the color of a N1 and a small chin semi-reminiscent of the Hero.

  • xarophti

    If front facing camera is confirmed and it has the juice on the specs, could this be the worthy successor to the N1 that the Galaxy S is not?