March 29, 2015

Another Unknown HTC Device Spotted in Wilds Of Taipei

A second unannounced HTC phone has been spotted today in a Taipei Metro system. As expected, we’re getting to see the first real-world glimpses of recently uncovered devices from the handset maker ahead of their MWC debut.  A fast acting passenger noticed a fellow rider using a phone that they hadn’t seen before and took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures.

The pictures confirm the newer HTC style earpiece and front-facing camera.  Perfect – Now all we need are specs, launch date, and carrier availability!  Look for all of that in just a few short weeks.

Hit the jump for a few additional shots.

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  1. Damien

    Even with the blurry cam, is it just me or does that look like the status bar with a possible Sense overlay?

  2. BKdroid

    @scott & Purity:

    It looks like a hot phone with the color of a N1 and a small chin semi-reminiscent of the Hero.

  3. xarophti

    If front facing camera is confirmed and it has the juice on the specs, could this be the worthy successor to the N1 that the Galaxy S is not?


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