DROID X2 To Sport Dual-Core Tegra 2

It seems that the imminent release of the iPhone4 on VZW hasn’t slowed down the DROID line at all. A recent post over at Droid-Life suggests there will be a DROID X2. As well, we have already covered the fact that an Incredible Global is also in the works. It is nice to see that Big Red isn’t going to forget what smartphone OS has served them so well. The DROID line-up has played a major role in the carrier’s growth.

The rumored specs for the DROID X2, also known as the Motorola Daytona within the Development Team, are interesting to say the least. It is said to include the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, a qHD resolution display at 960 x 540 (it looks like a 4.3 inch display), an 8MP camera with 720p video recording, and HDMI out. It seems to be the exact same phone as the original DROID X, just with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

An interesting thing to note is the phone’s lack of 4G LTS LTE. This means that the device won’t necessarily stand too far apart from its predecessor. As of right now, we are expecting this to launch around May. It is rumored that we can expect the announcement of this phone at MWC. However, it’s more likely it will show itself at CTIA.

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  1. tom
    January 28, 11:43 Reply

    i find it confusing that the manufacturers continue to push out non-“4g” devices as the carriers are pimping their “4g” networks

    • Damien
      January 31, 11:49 Reply

      It seems to me that they are still releasing 3G phones for those that do not want to pay the premium for their “4G” service. I know a couple people who aren’t on board to get a “4G” phone just because they do not know where the technology is going to lead and/or they cannot afford the extra money the carriers are charging for either LTE, Wimax, or HSPA+.

  2. Daniel Alva
    January 28, 21:38 Reply

    Own Droid X now and I think its perfect..
    Just maybe change the small hump on the back of the phone, make it a clean slate..
    That would be real nice..

  3. Bart Welter
    January 29, 01:29 Reply

    I would really be a happy camper if I.could
    get. MSN MAIL to connect just once in a while.
    When it does connect I get the email from
    2-4 days ago.
    Otherwise my X is all I could ask for

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