HeyWire Brings Social Networking and Unlimited Messaging to Android

iOS users have been loving HeyWire for their unlimited messaging and social network needs, and now, it is available for Android.

HeyWire is different from others in the free texting or group messaging space because it combines a bunch of features that make it easy (and free!) for users to stay in touch with their friends and family around the world.

Some of the awesome features on HeyWire’s Android app include:

  • A real, dedicated phone number to text from
  • Free text messaging anywhere in the US and to 146 countries
  • Messaging support for every language found on your Android device
  • Ability to text, tweet and Facebook Chat from the same app (with other chat services coming soon!)
  • Text-to-Twitter functionality (HeyTweets)
  • Ability to send a message to up to 10 contacts at once
  • HeyWire Homescreen Widget
  • Incoming text message alerts in the notification bar
  • Voice-to-text or Swype Keyboard support

Heywire also lets you chat/text across platforms.  Check out their website for more info.

Take a look at the interface:

What do you think guys?  Who’s picking this up?

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  1. Wesley
    January 28, 15:15 Reply

    meh, I will stick with google voice

  2. tt
    January 29, 16:26 Reply

    looked cool till I saw the ads at the bottom of the messaging screen.
    I like handcent

  3. Elvis
    January 29, 21:40 Reply

    The funny part is I know iphone/ipod users who use google talk for messaging

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