HTC Thunderbolt Dropping on Feb 24th

We just got word from one of our guys indicating Verizon is releasing the Thunderbolt on February 24th.  Our source was not able to confirm pricing , but we’re hearing $249 with a two-year contract.  Sounds about right for the first phone on Big Red to offer 4G speeds and simultaneous voice and data.  Most of the upper echelon phones dance around the $200 price point, rarely going over.  Anyone interested in picking one of these up come next month?

It should be noted that we’ve heard the rumors of an earlier launch around Valetine’s Day, February 14th.  Our source has been really strong for us in the past, so we trust it.  We’re hoping to get physical proof of some sorts to help confirm details.

  • Rob A

    Will definitely pick this bad boy up on 2/24. Have HTC Incredible now so this is the next step of evolution.

    • NM

      Didn’t the Incredible get released in April 2010? Are you available for early upgrade which is how you can get this in February?

  • Been lusting after this phone since it appeared in leaked pics in August. But for the money, the lack of 4G in my area and lack of a dual-core (Tegra 2) processor, I really don’t know if I’ll be biting the bullet. By the time 4G gets to my area, Tegra 2 Android phones will be a dime a dozen. Might hold off. Or I might get my hands on one at launch and decide to do it anyway. Voice/data over existing 3G would be nice.

  • keon r

    I’ve been waiting for this release date for the longest. Hopefully its a sure release date.

  • NM

    Pro: It is htc, powerful and 4g capable
    Con: Uh….can’t think of any!

  • Ray

    This seems about right, exactly 14 days after the release of the iPhone.

    • Elliotte

      I think that’s a big part of the release date, it’s outside of the new return date, so iphone users can’t trade it for a Thunderbolt.

  • Tara

    Oh my gosh! This just made my day! Woo hoo! My upgrade is Feb 27th, but I will be in the stores for a hands on look the 24th!

  • Dave

    I was hearing Feb. 14th for this.. maybe that will be the date for an online presale? I hope so! Anyword on pricing for 4g data plans yet?

  • wctaylor79

    $249 used to be a good price point, but now with ATT&T offering Atrix at $149 this would not be enough of an upgrade to consider $249.. It is a great looking device, but it is last year tech with a little refresh. So to pay over just to say I have a 4G phone just ins’t worth it to me.. I will def be there to check it out, ad maybe they can offer me something to mkae it worth my while, but $249 is just to steep knowing that could be the price and no upgrade for 20 months…

    • Dave

      I think people tend to forget though this phone comes with a 32 gb micro sd card in it. That probably is what drives the price up to $249. On amazon they range from 55-85 bucks. So being the first ever Verizon phone with 4G if it didn’t have a 32 gb micro sd it probably would run $199 which is comparable to Sprint’s EVO right?

  • Suzanne

    Am on my third Droid X- it of the crappy software- which is all but unusable now, so I’m hoping to nurse it along until the Thunderbolt’s debut. The 24th is my birthday, so having Verizon do something right for a change would be a great gift, but I’m all for EARLY presents!!

  • Jonathan

    I really want this phone. Just hope that for current users, we get a discount. If I waited another 18 months, it would be outdated.

  • Southern Gal

    Just an fyi … VZW’s “New Every Two” is going away. Once you take advantage of your current “N. E. T.” you will not receive another.

  • Droid Eager

    Best Buy is taking pre-orders starting today, Feb 6, with a $50 deposit. No word on final price. The phone will be ready for in-store pick up on Feb 13. Just ordered mine….can’t wait! Don’t know about Verizon dates, but I’m guessing it can’t be any later than Best Buy.