LevelUp Studio Drops Massive Updates into Beautiful Widgets 3.3, New Skin SDK

LevelUp Studio released a pair of goodies into the Android world today with an updated version of their Beautiful Widgets app as well as a new skin SDK.  Version 3.3 of Beautiful Widgets is a major release, offering tons of new customization on top of the already awesome application.

Users can bend and tweak nearly every facet of their desktop widgets, providing for unique and personal looking home screens. A key component in the new release is the new SuperClock widget which can be resized without distortion. If you’re running a handset with OpenGL, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cool effects added in for extra awesomeness.  

Features new to Beautiful Widgets include:

  • SuperClock widgets! We have designed a new kind of hi-res clock widgets that are more modular and have multiple layouts and is highly resizable without any quality loss.
  • Live Wallpaper, totally rewritten using OpenGL, new effects, different type of grass, you can display a picture in the background
  • High resolutions notification icons
  • Gingerbread notifications icons
  • Clock only layouts
  • You can display the battery level instead of the weather

Like with previous versions of the app, users are free to create and download custom skins for the clock, weather, and other aspects.  To make things easier, LevelUp Studio has released a new version of their skin SDK.

If you haven’t downloaded Beautiful Widgets yet, I highly recommend you act fast.  The current price equates to $2.04 US, which is all bargain.

Via: Androinica

  • Billy

    I’m an Android newbie — well, actually I haven’t bought one yet but I’m about to by either an Atrix or Inspire when it is released — so can you guys help me out. (And in case you are wondering, I am stuck on AT&T because my wife loves her iPhone and we’re in the middle of our family contract.) What is the difference between home screen replacement like ADW Launcher EX and a desktop UI like Beautiful Widgets?

    I’ve heard and seen great things about both. Can I use both together or does having one make the other redundant?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Chuck

      You can use both together.

      An app like Beautiful Widgets gives you a bunch of widgets you can place on your launcher’s desktop, no matter which launcher you’re using– the one that comes with the phone or an alternative one like ADW.

      An alternative launcher like ADW completely replaces your desktop– it’s what happens when you hit the Home button.

      • Billy


        I think I will try both.

  • Amazing update.

  • Dubya

    does anyone know which clock and weather skin is used in the photo?

  • larry

    My clock weather screen will not display. How do i uninstall reinstall on my droid x?