Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview SDK Hints At Phone Support?

Maybe Google wasn’t completely honest about making Honeycomb a tablet-only platform? Engadget got a tip last night that showed how to set the Honeycomb emulator in SDK from WXGA (1024 x 768, the default tablet resolution) to WVGA (current smartphone resolution basis). The result? I drastically changed UI, that most signifies what we are seeing on the current versions of Android. Most of the Honeycomb flavor was stripped away to a basic launcher.

What pops out the most about running this emulator is a phone environment is the status bar is extremely different than what is in Gingerbread. It is odd because until Gingerbread, the status bar was always white. We thought Google was making a new UI standard for Android by making everything have a black/green tone in Gingerbread.

Maybe this is all just a glitch? One thing is for sure, Google is hosting a Honeycomb event this Wednesday. Maybe there is more to Honeycomb that just tablets that they will reveal? We shall see very soon.

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  1. carnegie0107
    January 29, 18:30 Reply

    I knew it. This is how Andy Rubin said it would work from the beginning. Google has since indicated that it is for tablets only, but I’m sure this is only at launch. Clearly they intend it to work on handhelds, but they are finishing all the tablet polish before they finish the smartphone parts. (Launcher, etc.). I think the sdk also makes this obvious in that apps are to be written to run on both a handheld and a tablet. It makes no sense that all the apps will be dual-mode, but not the system itself. I hope Google is again prompt at uploading the source code here, because I look forward to CyanogenMod 8 on my Nexus One. :-)

    • JaylanPHNX
      January 29, 20:34 Reply

      Thank you! That’s what I’ve been screamin’ for days. Why’s everybody gotta be either/or when both is possible–and awesome?

  2. Ankhwatcher
    January 29, 21:09 Reply

    Thanks carnegie0107, That’s what I was going to post.

  3. chris
    January 30, 14:08 Reply

    Really can’t understand why people are so surprised that honeycomb isn’t just for tablets only I don’t remember hearing from anyone from Google saying it wasn’t coming to phones (I could b wrong to), plus with the 3 new HTC phones leaked the other day one of which had no physical buttons I would say that its coming to phones

  4. svinepelz
    January 31, 05:13 Reply

    Even the unlock sliders are back to pre-Gingerbread ugliness, losing their perfectly rounded 2.3 look in favour of the cut-circle that always bugged me before upgrading.

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