Got an App Idea? Apply at Google


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that according to “sources close to the company”, Google is getting ready to hire a slew of Android app developers, building an in-house app lab to drive their Market push this upcoming fiscal year.

Said sources claim that Google is hoping by recruiting app devs who already have good ideas, and giving them a salary and a working environment with Android developers, that they will see some rapid results.

Right now, the Apple App Store out numbers the apps in the Google Market almost 3 to 1, with a lot of the “hot” titles being released on the i-devices first.  It looks like Google is trying to change that, as it is being said that some of the apps coming out of the new lab they are developing will be Android exclusive.

So, you got an app idea?  You might want to see if you can find someone at Google to listen and pass you on up the chain.  More on this as it develops.


  1. another way is to increase the revenue for developers, introduce paypal and a kind of iCard
    But it is a nice initiative… On the other hand, maybe Google is seeing that there’s a lot of money going around in the app business and want to get a big fat share of it. Not at all positive for the app developer… Or are they offering their apps for free? In that case, bye bye app developers 🙂

    • Google would be better off designing an IDE like Visual Studio that will compile to both iOS and Android. That way more people will get into app development, and rather than just going for iOS these new developers will begin to simultaneously release their stuff on Android too.

      • Can’t i(phone, pad, pod) only allows programs that are compiled via a Mac. Not to mention java and objective C arnt exactly pees in a pod. 

  2. A natural app would be an Android GPS tracker that you could upload to your Picasa desktop program. The program would sync the GPS time to photos files in a particular folder and insert GPS meta data into each file. This then would allow full use of the location feature in Picasa.

  3. Google needs to release Visual IDE that compiles to both iOS and Android to entice new developers to not just go to iOS but simultaneously release on Android as well.

  4. My app idea is a app for bevarage chit ( beer chit ) for hockey teams. I have been running some sort of beer chit for my hockey team for over 20 years. I now do it on my iphone but there is no app to make it easy. Just about every adult hockey team in every town and city througout Canada & US and the most of the world use some kind of chit system usually in a book of some sort.

  5. google should have one open source system for android and also give us an option for a more controlled system similar to apple.Maybe call it android chrome, with only the good working apps getting the chrome title.