AT&T Launching 12 Androids, 20 4G Devices In 2011

The guys over at Phandroid got their hands on an internal memo from AT&T that shows their roadmap for 2011.  The last two bullet points are of interest to us all.  First, they plan on releasing 20 “4G” devices this year, and 12 Android devices–more than doubling their current Android line-up.

It seems that Valentine’s Day will be the day to celebrate Android love with both the Atrix 4G, and Inspire 4G, with others to follow throughout the year.

While we all understand the discrepancy with speed and whether HSPA is actually defined as “4G” or not, we can all agree that the new phones will be faster than their current line-up. With 12 new Android phones, it looks like AT&T is stepping up their game.  Whether or not it has something to do with Android now being the number one mobile platform, or their loss of iPhone exclusivity, we don’t know. Either way, we’re proud to announce AT&T becoming a competitor in the Android market.  What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Scmo

    Guess I’ll be the first, if I can’t download apps outside the marketplace why get an android phone. Many of my games and some apps I’ve gotten outside the marketplace like kongregate, dungeon hunter etc. I wouldn’t want to get a phone with limitations, if I wanted one like that id have gotten an Iphone.

  • What’s the use of 4g if data is capped at 2gb? I mean seriously, they’re releasing phones that rely heavily on mobile data but cap mobile bandwidth availability at 2gb. I’d rather get an iPhone 4 at verizon.

    • god

      They have unlimited plans again they brought it back

      • Waybenn

        No sir. NO unlimited plans on AT&T.

  • I guess this war between AT&T and Verizon is going to be very profitable for Google Android.