Google Music could launch as soon as next month

As Verizon is preparing their iPhone release, some people are asking if Android is worried.  Andy Rubin isn’t worried.  In fact, Businessweek stated that he had this to say:

“I don’t think any specific carrier in any one region is a big game changer for us,”

Android is worldwide, and now, Rubin is focusing more on music.  He and former YouTube lawyer, Zahavah Levine have been talking to four major music labels, and although nothing has been confirmed, they are stating that the labels are more willing to work with them now that “Rubin is involved.”

Rubin, being the eyes and ears of Android has noticed that the music portion of Android has been lacking.  Rubin stated that Google has given him and his team “autonomy” and with that, they can move “really, really quickly.” Because of this, Rubin, along with Levine have put a lot of focus on music, and as previously stated, began work with four major music labels.

By Rubin taking total control in the music department, he has been working on, and according to a former executive, his group has developed a service that allows Android users to upload their digital collection and sync them with any mobile device.

Now that he is working diligently at this, we could see Google Music as early as next month… what say ye?  Is this going to take the place of iTunes for you?

  • ChaosKiller

    Wouldn’t be hard to make me use it more than iTunes, I never used it anyway 🙂

  • Where do you get ‘next month’ from?

    • Chuck

      In the BW article it says “the offering could be unveiled as soon as next month.”

  • AkShiz

    Gimme some mobile G-TV and movie rental access and you can have me at hello.

  • smellsfishy

    These rumors are put out there to keep a buzz around Google music. Which I am plain tired of hearing of a Service that will never materialize..

  • Tansen

    Android seriously needs a mainstream, easy to use, capable music syncing software. Drag and drop just doesn’t cut it compared to what itunes can do for you. If it could just grab a bunch of files, allow you to make and import playlists, and then sync all of it seamlessly with any android device, then we would have a winner.

  • John Noonan

    Without decent music software that competes with iTunes (or Zune) I plan to leave the Droid X as soon as possible. If Android suddenly offered a compelling and large scale music service then it would give me reason to pause. Currently Android is terrible for music (barely better than my old Rio player in my opinion); Android needs this badly.

    The lack of decent music software has left me regretting my Android decision since day one of using the OS. I have tried winamp, doubletwist, cubed, and power amp and none of them are great and only power amp ranks good to me (the rest are somewhere between “A neat idea” and total crap. Android’s default player is pretty much junk that should just be scrapped, as is the music database that Android builds that does not have the ability to keep songs in their correct order.

    Doubletwist for Mac or PC to sync with Android is a convoluted mess. Android needs music software badly.

    • Byron

      Very valid points, but on the weekend i found an App called “Tunesync” Using that in combination with PowerAMp should solve your problems. 🙂 Wirelessly syncs your phone with itunes – works great on Galaxy S.

  • J.Castillo

    In that case you guys will love this

  • Dan

    This has been a deal breaker for me. I use Zune Marketplace for all my music and have been waiting for the WP7 to come to Verizon. If Droid ends up doing a music subscription I’ll be making the switch.

  • Music subscription and a good media app are one thing, but how about we work on not MUTING MY MEDIA PLAYERS every single time there’s a notification? It’s simple. Just mix the notification into the audio, or maybe lower the audio slightly and play it, but don’t mute my music, podcasts, or whatever just to play a notification sound. That lone would get me to happily forget about my Zune altogether. I’ve stopped using it, but it’s every couple of days I think about going back over stuff like this.

  • Android4life

    Ye says yes!

  • I’m going to be ESPECIALLY thrilled if Google Music is a web-based application like Docs and all that stuff. Here’s to hoping it is… But even if it’s not, it HAS to be less bloated than iTunes. My computer sucks and running iTunes crashes my computer almost every time. If it doesn’t crash then it freezes my computer for unnecessarily long lengths of time and continues to give it a bad case of “the jitters”.

    I’ve tried SongBird and DoubleTwist, but both were also too cumbersome to use on my PC (although DoubleTwist does a good job of syncing to my Droid wirelessly). I was actually thinking of MANAGING my music in Windows Media player, having DoubleTwist sync with that, and then having my phone using “AirTime” or whatever the hell their app is called and syncing it to DoubleTwist.. Even though that’ll serve my purposes for the time being, I’d rather not go through such a long and convoluted process to get my music from point A to point B.

    Also, what’s everyone’s beef with the stock player? I don’t really understand.. It’s not hideous, despite what people claim, or at least I don’t see it. And I’ve used Apple devices, so I know what a “good” UI looks like. Quite honestly I don’t understand how the stock differs from Apple’s other than the fact that the color scheme is black and green instead of blue and white and the overall design is a little more square instead of rounded… Other than that I see no difference at all. I actually find coverflow REALLY annoying. When you have 4,000+ songs it’s not really fun while you wait for all the album covers to load. And whenever I used it on my iTouch (before I ditched it for my Droid) it was horribly jumpy and over-excited. I’d end up “flowing” through like 40 albums instead of 4.. Eventually I just inwardly groaned any time I accidently flipped my iPod sideways.

    The only thing I miss is being able to sort my music by genre. The stock player, and all of the ones I’ve tried (cubed, DoubleTwist, etc.) all omit this feature. And I’m not really sure why… Does it really not occur to people that I might want to listen to a bunch of “electronic” songs WITHOUT making a playlist?

    Also, to TurboFool – If you put your phone on vibrate the notification won’t interrupt the song. I just switch it to vibrate whenever I’m listening to music (if it’s not already..)

    • Not entirely accurate, actually, as some still silence it in vibrate, but also not a valid solution overall. I DO need to hear the notifications. They’re there for a reason, and I have various notifications set to different sounds so I know when driving, for instance, that I got a work email versus a personal email or a text message. On vibrate I get no notification at all since I can’t feel the phone in the display bracket. Disabling my ability to know I’m being contacted in order to listen to music or podcasts or whatever while driving isn’t a reasonable solution.

      Agree with you on the stock player, though. It’s plenty good for me with no real complaints. It does exactly what I’d expect it to do or want it to do. But I tend to use Slacker or similar services more anyway.

    • B_roth

      Winamp on computer, mixzing on phone, what’s the problem? Winamp actually tags your music right, unlike iTunes, and mixzing lets you do anything iTunes can do, minus cover flow, which I hate. Sort by genre, make playlists on your phone…. google music will have to be awesome for me to switch from winamp on my home computer.

  • JoninSD

    It will be interesting to see what this product looks like. There certainly has been a lot of activity recently in this space – Muve Music, for example, which actually looks like it might have legs, especially when it gets ported to an Android phone ( It will be really interesting to see how this all plays out over the next couple of years!