Honeycomb Running on NookColor

If you are a Nook Color owner like myself, then there maybe a chance that you have already rooted your device and may possibly be running Froyo on it already. If that is not enough for you, then pay attention to xda member deeper-blue he has gotten the SDK that was released on Thursday to run on his Nook. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, beware there are dragons ahead with this port.

Some of the known issues with the build are “no accelerometer, no wlan, no sound.” and a nasty little bug that if your screen goes off sometimes it will just crash. There is still no word on when this is going to be able to be run by the average person, but this is exciting knowing that the dev community has taken the Nook Color and made it the main tablet for the time being to develop for.


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  1. tony
    January 31, 11:51 Reply

    makes an unlocked wifi only nook color look awesome at it’s price…

    also, “has gotten”… just doesnt sound right…

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