October 21, 2014

Motorola i1Q en route to Nextel?

Our Spanish-speaking friends at Groupo Android have brought us some new images on the Motorola i1Q that is allegedly heading to Nextel.

The post, (as translated from Spanish) says:

Hi, I’m new to the forum, and would like to show you all the new Motorola with Android 2.1 for Netxtel, model i1Q.  It doesn’t have a very strong processor, like almost all Nextel devices…

It seems that the device will be running 2.1, being a follow-up to the Motorola i1.  In the message board, some people expressed concern that the MotoBlur setting didn’t look like 2.1, but rather 1.5, the same version the i1 is still running.

Unfortunately, without a screenshot of the firmware, we cannot say for sure which version, but I will wager to say that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that anyone would release a new Android phone running 1.5.

Not too shabby for our Nextel fans.  No word yet on specs, price point, or date of release, but we’re looking at a lower-end Android phone for the price conscious.  Who’s ready to pick one up?