Will Nokia Go Android?

On a recent conference call discussing their Q4 2010 performance, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said that “there are multiple ecosystem patterns that need to be considered” as they move forward, one of several remarks in the call that analysts are interpreting as a sign that Nokia may abandon Symbian and the as-yet-unseen MeeGo and instead begin producing Android-powered smartphones.

Though Nokia is still a huge force, it’s smartphone marketshare has fallen precipitously over the past year. Still, a switch to Android would be an about-face. As recently as last November, they were insisting otherwise. And it’s certainly possible that if they make a change, they could choose another platform, like Windows Phone 7, instead of or in addition to Android, especially given their new CEO’s history with Microsoft.

Elop teased that we’d learn more about their future direction next month, so we may learn more very soon, perhaps coming out of Mobile World Congress. For more on the earnings call, take a look at Brian S. Hall’s detailed (and entertaining) analysis of it.

I personally would love to see our favorite OS released on some solid Nokia hardware, but what do you think? An exciting possibility or not a big deal?

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  • sic semper tyrannus

    Being a rather cold winter, maybe they are considering peeing in their snowsuit for a little temporary warmth.

  • et3rnal

    Nop and dont even wish lol

    the new symbian UI nearly ready “built by Qt….” n also MeeGo going 2 rock with it really openness possibility, reall open n devs can share wt they done not like andi! :\

  • Simon

    Big deal,

    The more the dead end OSs bite the dust the more development time it frees up for the platforms that do matter.

  • Darkseider

    If they want to stay in business they are going to have to. Symbian is dying quick and MeeGo hasn’t shipped on anything yet.

  • Scmo

    This is one of the last steps in androids plan for world mobile domination. Apple is feeling the pinch that’s why they are moving to Verizon with the Iphone. I hope nokia makes a change before they end up like palm. Their market share is waning, android is a beast.

  • Barry

    Come on Nokia put Android on a great looking phone. You will not lose.

  • Dara Parsavand

    Nokia should instead release multi-platform phones. Imagine if a phone could run Symbian, Meego, or Android. Then let the user decide. And even better would be if Google and Nokia put in the infrastructure into their OS to run the other platform’s apps (not as efficiently perhaps, but it should handle the simple stuff). I don’t know how well it works, but the Wetab running a version of Meego has a Dalvic machine in order to run Android Apps. I don’t know how hard it is for Android to add what is required to run Qt apps.

    Personally, I find myself in the market for a Nokia phone for almost only one reason. I absolutely think they have the right idea with Ovi Maps in letting users download the maps they want to the phone to run as a PND with no network use required (after download). Google Maps 5 with its caching ability of frequently used maps is an improvement from their previous versions (which drive me crazy on my lousy iPhone 3g), but without the user controlling the download, it isn’t good enough for me. Google Maps 6 perhaps?

    That and the Nokia N8 camera is the best right now. If they put the same unit on the N9 (as rumored) but a bigger screen and more processing power than the N8, I think I’m going to have to pass on Android this time.

  • It doesn’t have to be either-or. A couple of new Android models would be marketed as just an extension to their portfolio like Samsung also does Bada and WinPho7. Then they could ramp up/down future models depending on their success.

    The other possibility is tablets now Motorola have one – Nokia will have to reply. In many ways that’s a clean break as the tablet market is so new it’s a fresh start for everyone.

  • Oma

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  • hazydave

    Nokia has a big problem. They used to be the big dog in the SymbianOS business, and SymbianOS was the largest selling smart phone OS in the world. But Nokia kind of screwed that up. Even with open sourcing, most of the other SymbianOS folks have left. And Nokia has never cracked the US market. Now Android is outselling SymbianOS.

    They need to do something. Everyone loves smartphones because they’re dramatically more profitable than dumb phones. Nokia lost with SymbianOS, and now they’re creeping forward with Maemo… er, I mean MeeGo. Maybe that hits big, but it’s unlikely… and the time for form the market is NOW.

    Android would give them instant acceptance in the USA. They have a good hardware reputation, they could compete well against Motorola, HTC, Samsung, etc (eg, everyone but RIM, Apple, and HP/Palm) without the vast software disadvantage they now enjoy. And without ceeding control of the source code to someone like Microsoft. Plus, they already have in-depth Linux experience in-house, so they’re already ready for Android.

    Supporting Windows Phone 7 might be good for Microsoft, but it doesn’t help Nokia.. there’s even less proven demand for WP7. And it puts them at the mercy of Microsoft’s code development and directions.

  • Android + nokia N8 = best os wit hthe best phone ever ppl. i can just pic how it would be. man nokia come one use andriod. you know whats good for ya

  • Srnkwin

    That’s correct Barry.. They won’t loose  if they come with android…


    I would  to have android anyday on nokia smartphones, its so much better then symbian^3, the only reson I have got the nokia n8 is the camera and the video recording otherwise if android had a really good camera and video recorder I would just go android,
    im still thinking about it!!!!!

  • Guest

    Nokia RIP 🙁  next is iPhone who is on life support only 26 percent now…..  thats like only 2 out of 10 phones. 

  • Fudimongogis

    the future as of now seems android and if nok don’t want to produce what people want, let them lose! the world doesn’t need nok but nok needs the world hehehehehe! so crazy!

  • Amielmoyes

    great nokia phone+ windows 8 +android os= ultimate smartphone………..