Fan Made Android Commercial Celebrates its Openness [VIDEO]


I personally love seeing the creative juices of the community flowing with different videos and artwork that tends to pop up within the Android universe. It shows how much the OS has become part of everyone’s life, well the good man over at DigitalLoveCraft made a little commercial about Android. It’s just a quick simple 30 second video that celebrates the Open Source nature of Android. It take a lot of queues from the plain Google homepage, which just adds to how amazing this short 30 second video is. Take a look at it for yourself after the break.



  1. I find it ironic that when I viewed this page on my Android phone I could not watch the video. I know that is more the web developers fault than my phone’s. But you would think that a site dedicated to the OS would have videos friendly to it.

  2. Is it me, or is this done in the typical Apple Marketing fashion? Is that song the on that apple uses, just played in reverse?…. J/K LOL