Netgear CEO Sounds Like a Fan of Android

Netgear CEO Patrick Lo has a rather strong opinion on how Apple handles their business strategies and believes the company will not be the same once Steve Jobs is out of the picture.  Lo feels that Apple is successful only because they are the current leader in how the market works, and ultimately expects them to fall because of said strategies. Further, he sounds like a fan of Android’s ecosystem as he discusses the giant out of Cupertino.

Using the analogies we’ve heard before (Windows vs. Mac, VHS vs. Betamax) the CEO tells the Sydney Morning Herald that he has “seen this movie play several times.”  As for how he thinks Jobs handles the Flash situation, it echoes sentiments previously expressed by members of the Android community.

“Steve Jobs wants to suffocate the distribution so even though he doesn’t own the content he could basically demand a ransom.”

Do you think Patrick Lo is right on the money here or not? Des it sound like he’s pulling for Android to ultimate upend the apple cart?

  • Spencer

    Android FTW!!!

  • bousozoku

    If he believes that Flash is secure, stable, good-performing software that isn’t a battery problem and that Steve Jobs and Apple are wrong about Flash, I think he’s really confused.

    Adobe have plenty of problems with Flash (and Acrobat/Reader), almost more than most browsers and operating systems do and they’re bad at fixing the real problems, and slow at patching what’s there.

    I don’t see Mr. Lo as a fan of Android as much as a hater of Apple and their success. Talking about Apple is just another way to bring attention to his company, as so many others do.

  • THE CEO of consumer networking firm Netgear was forced to apologise after comments he made regarding Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs generated.There is no indication at this point that Jobs will not return to Apple.This is not about political correctness,it’s just human decency. If I am ever in a situation where I have a choice between a Netgear product and another,Netgear will not get my money. His employees deserve better than this.

  • Janet

    but to be a hater of 1 company (Apple) than a hater of every other company the way Steve Jobs is. And is so proud of it too.