Nielsen: 43 Percent of Recent Smart Phone Purchases are Android

If you or someone you know recently purchased a smart phone, the chances are pretty good that it is running.  In fact, nearly half of all recent (US) smart phone acquisitions were Android.  The Nielsen Company has issued its latest report which shows Android commanding a hefty 43 percent market share for smart phones purchased over the previous six month period. Apple comes in second at 26 percent with RIM at 20 percent, both standing rather still.  In terms of new smart phone buyers, Android just keeps shooting skywards.  Things look to shake up a bit now that Verizon will carry the iPhone, but it might just slow Android.  Looking on the horizon, Android doesn’t seem like a train that is going to be derailed anytime soon.

There is no arguing Android adoption. Period.

  • AndroidFTW

    Notice that all these “major tech news” sites haven’t been reporting on the Android numbers coming out the past few days. Goes to show how Apples has control over these supposed tech news sites, what a joke. Guess Apple doesn’t want people knowing that Android phones are selling 2 for every 1 iPhone and in the last quarter was the highest selling mobile OS in the world!

    Where’s the smack talk now Apple? OH, yeah right. . . Verizon will change everything LMAO!

    In the smartphone arena it’s game over for iOS. . . back to your niche market Apple! 😉

    Now to watch the beat-down of the iPad. . . . got my popcorn ready for the massacre 😀

  • Jason

    Android will be to smart phones just like Windows are to computers. Looks like Apple didnt learn from the past.

  • Ural

    The more you look at the numbers the more Verizon’s iPhone looks to be extermely BAD news for Verizon.

    And if sales for Iphone don’t materialize in significant numbers, it would be even worse news for Apple.

    Time will tell on the second point, the first is a given. Verizon to gain some customers near term and lose a ton in the medium to long term.

    Sprint / T Mobile and even ATT have the chance to knock Verizon down a notch or two. If they are smart, offer better prices and similar or better service.

    TMobile is the closest but needs better rural coverage to compete
    Sprint is second, it needs significant improvement in the underlying network infrastructure and customer support.
    ATT needs better customer support and better prices. better network. And not over charge its customers.

    They all can win, question is who’s got the will to fix their flaws?

    • hazydave

      AT&T already did knock Verizon down a notch… largely based on strong iPhone sales in the last quarter (their best ever for iPhone sales, over 14 million worldwide). They haven’t fixed their call dropping, they’re still telling stories about HSPA+ being comparable to “real” (well, amost real) 4G technologies like LTE and Wi-Max. But AT&T just overtook Verizon, not in profits yet but in customer numbers.

      This is at risk, now, given how dependent AT&T has been on their iPhone exclusivity.

  • On the flip side, you could say that the adoption rate amongst Asians is because they are all intelligent and nerdy and into high tech gadgets.It could also imply that this country is not where it should be in regards to equal opportunity employment. Immediately pointing fingers and calling others racist only cheapens healthy dialog and hinders progress.